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How can i explain the pain of ic to my boyfriend??

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  • QueenieLady

    I was really impressed with the boyfriends response and he asked me further questions

    I told him that I had joined this site and that I had asked for help in explaining it to him in a way he could understand.

    I risked alcohol on our date night too...had 2 small wines and 1 vodka and coke, and a coffee, I had to pee about 10 times in 4 hours but it's not made my symptoms any worse....phew, we also managed extra curricular activities (3 times lol) and had no problem with pain....thank goodness

    Oh and more good news, my symptoms have almost gone!!

    I will continue to take the meds I've mentioned above and hopefully they may work for others and totally eradicate mine

    Getting better has soooooo helped my stress levels, was getting well stressed as I start university on Monday

    Once again thank you guys for all the messages of support and advice and for the PM's

    *Love & Hugs to everyone that is still suffering.....may you get well soon xxx

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  • bob04951
    The most difficult thing is trying to explain it. We just say the inside of Bob's bladder is like raw hamburger and anytime pee or bad foods hit it, it's like sticking a cut finger in acid, and trying to leave it there for as long as you can. OWEEEEE. But people forget, and think it is like an infection, and invite you over for spaghetti. It can be frustrating. Maybe take your BF to a doctor's appt with you and have the doc explain. Perhaps showing him some pictures of IC bladders (they're on here) may help him understand. The acid speech on an open wound does help us some. And sex kinda stimulates urine production, so...Lots of water, hate to tell you, before and after, have seen it helps some.

    Wish you luck in trying to get him to get it. Have him read about it, and all the problems that women have with this. It's usually a lot more than the bladder. The main thing is to try for him to get that this is not an infection, it can come and go, but when you have it, are in a flare, it HURTS.

    Maybe if he sees that men also have this, and the pain they experience with sex, he could empathize more. Good luck, girl, let everyone know. Jill, wife of Bob

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  • cmclien
    I don't know whats in the robinsons barley water orange but you should look at the ingredients to see if there is anything on the IC list that would be bothering you. I had to totally give up drinking everything except for water and safe herbal teas (like what they sell on this website). I found flavored water and the powdered ones you add to water REALLY bothered me. It "could" be contributing to your daily pain, just a thought.

    Hope you get off the pain meds soon!

    As far as alcohol goes there is a pretty good thread on that.
    Some people can tolerate white wine but alot of others cannot. Vodka is usually safer but not with coke! I can usually drink white wine with a couple of prelief. Do you have that there? It neutralizes the acidity in food and drinks.

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  • QueenieLady
    Thanks Guys, you have help me since day 1 sooooo grateful

    This is what I am taking and it is working:
    Amitriptyline - 50mg morning, 50mg Night
    Zapain (pain killers) 4-6 pills a day - each pill contains: Codeine Phosphate 30mg and Paracetamol 500mg
    Atarax (anti histamine) 25mg - 3-4 pills a day
    Naprosyn (anti inflammatory) 500mg- 1 morning, 1 at night

    I don't like water so I drink Robinsons Barley water orange as much as I can.

    I have treated myself to 1 coffee on a few days.

    When I first took these all together they knocked me out for the first 2 days but this stopped. At night now I just feel very relaxed and helps with sleep.

    For those still searching for help, I hope my meds help you.

    Oh and PS, it's date night tonight and I want to have some alcohol, which do you think would be best, wine or spirits (vodka and coke)? I can only drink about 3 glasses of wine, or 4 vodkas & coke (I don't drink much haha cheap date)?

    My love and hugs from the English gal goes out to everyone that has ever experienced IC

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  • cmclien
    Queenielady - What meds are you finally taking every day? Glad something is helping you.

    The simpler the explanation the better I think for those who don't understand. My husband gets it because he lives with me and some day I say my bladder is bugging me or my bladder hurts but to others I mostly just describe IC as inflammation of the bladder that can cause pain, frequency, urgency. Inflammation can be caused by bacteria or in the case of IC is not and unfortunately they don't know the cause yet, theories are out there but nothing has been proven.

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  • Zygala87
    You can purchase books here on this stie. If he is cooperative he will read about IC and may get a clue. To be honest it is very diffucult to explain IC to anyone. Women seem to understand more when you say it's like a non-stop UTI. Maybe reading the posts here would help him? Explain there is much hope & help so he does not get too scared. Let us know how things go. You are not alone. This is a problem for many woman. Hugs, Ziggy

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  • How can i explain the pain of ic to my boyfriend??

    My boyfriend has never had cystitis in any shape or form (lucky sod).

    Ladies & Gents (especially), how can I describe my pain/discomfort/despair/anxiety/distress to him so he fully understands what we have to go through.

    From a short conversation we had today, he thought it was just a matter of dying to pee all the time and didn't seem to realise ive been in agony.

    I really want him to understand and going to try and describe it better (with your help) at date night tomorrow

    Oh and PS, my meds seem to be working (everything still crossed), now on day 2 of meds and if it wasn't for you guys knowing about the best meds I would still be suffering.....I cannot explain how grateful I am