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    Hi Guys I had my first bladder instillation yesterday. Hurt for about 30 secs goin in and 30 seconds comin out. I felt relief for about 2 hours then I couldnt pee the next2 hours. Finally I took a warm bath and was able to go. Felt good overnight. Got up at 130am and 4am, not terrible. My problem came this morning i went to work and wen i went to bathroom my pee was going in stream then just stopped and ive felt an awful burning sensation ince then. Is this normal? should i have instillation #2 monday? Also my doc said im a rare case because hes seen oral elmiron really help his male patients with IC. He also doesnt swear by the diet but im going to stick with it a few months anyway

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    The diet is the #1 thing that keeps my flares at bay. Best wishes!
    My IC is under control with DIET.
    Tried Cystoprotek but gave me terrible heartburn.

    Current Strategy:
    IC Diet (most helpful)
    Quercetin 500mg
    D-Mannose (when flaring)


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      Hi Shaun! I am a newbie, but I had the 6 installations and hated them. I had to take the next day off of work after 4/6 of the installations. I had a hard time emptying my bladder after the installations (I have a hard time even before and after the installations, but this was worse)A warm bath always helped, and then I was able to empty my bladder. And warm baths always help me relax. As far as the burning you are having and if you should go to the next one, I think you should consult with you're doctor. Everyone's different. But you're body is telling you something. Maybe bladder installations aren't for you. Good luck, and I hope you are feeling better.