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  • hello

    I have not been diagnosed. I have had bladder pain and urethra pain for some years now, well since about 10 year ago, and it’s ever so gradually gotten worse.
    Used to be 'infections' (I don’t know if they actually were infections or not now, given how useless my doctors have been). But back then I had more pain free days than bad days, more bouts with lots of good days between so it was manageable.

    then 5 years ago, moved countries and wham bad pain a very bad bout and didn’t have a regular GP and the ones I saw were useless and not helping so took myself for a scan with a private urologist out of desperation trying to find answers and finally got a book about this and then with drinking more water it seemed to calm down for a while.

    Then it came back again and my new GP doctor was not very nice about it, told me I was focusing too much on it and making it worse. She was pretty mean and not caring at all but she did send me to the production line hospital health system.

    to see a specialist on the NHS (tax paid!!) public health system I had to first go for a urodynamic test (USELESS and horrible to go through, if they had bothers to ask ME the patient I could have told them my symptoms did not need this test!)
    Then was due to get a cystoscopy and didn’t go. I was very worried this would make matters worse, as they could be taking samples out of me. Also the NHS health system is pretty horrible imo, I wasn’t going to even get to speak to urorologist until after the urodynamics and cystotypy tests. Dont get told what’s going on and feel like a tin of beans on a factory conveyor belt! I don’t like being invaded by doctors if I don’t even get to meet them first; I know I am fussy huh. I won’t be fussy this time, but it’s not very nice. I know they do it to save money, but it totally SUCKS not being able to even speak to a specialist before they are invading you while you are under a general.

    And that’s another thing, I don’t want a general but that’s the way they do it and you don’t get a choice.

    So I had thought no way to the cystoscopy but the bladder pain has recently come back with a vengeance, for example it stops me being able to go out and do things, I braved it and went for a walk today. Very cold weather so wore two layers trousers. got pain, went to the bathroom, then even worse pain, had to take neurofen plus with the codeine and panadol also and put a heat pack on. It hurt like crazy after going to the loo. I am so fed up.

    Tonight the pains come back I just tried using a tens machine pen my husband had when he dislocated his arm. it has helped some, it’s called "pain be gone" and I would recommend it, it’s not like a tens machine with pads, it’s a pen that you zap yourself which is a lot more useful cause it can zap over hair and even clothing which those pads cannot. And it’s quicker too.

    Anyways I am going to try EFT for it. It has helped me a lot with other things so hoping it helps. If it does I will post about it.

    I haven’t been diagnosed but I think I need to be and I deserve to be, I am really fed up with doctors right now!

    It also gets worse with PMT (which is now can u tell lol) and the cold sets it off, also not enough water.
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    I hope you get some answers soon. My time before diagnosis was the worst of all.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I agree with donna you need answers now. If you do have IC god forbid you need to get on a treatment program that will work for you. Keep in touch and let us know how things go for you. I hope and pray that you will find relief real soon.
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