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I'm so scared.

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  • I'm so scared.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading and reading and finally decided to join the boards.
    I feel like crying just writing this .. I'm so terrified about what is going on with my body.
    About two months ago I went on vacation with my fiance. It started there, on vacation, with a urgent feeling of needing to pee and not much coming out. When I got home it became urgent and also I actually was peeing a lake each time. No burning at all, but a constant pressure in my lower abdomen. Went to the doctor and they gave me Macrobin (sp?) for a uti.
    I called my doctor (they didn't even bother to call me) and found out my urine culture was negative. Stopped the antibiotics.
    The symptoms subsided but I still had terrible insomnia. This seems to be the way my body is telling me something is wrong. I get insomnia when I am fighting colds/flus/infection and the whole time I was anemic I didn't sleep, so I KNEW still, something wasn't right.
    Back to the doc and this time my urine culture showed a ton of bacteria. I was put on another antibiotic for 7 days but the symptoms and insomnia haven't gone away. Sometimes there is stabbing pain in my lower stomach. I'm so tired and worn out from worrying about what is going on inside me .. and the huge lack of sleep isn't helping.

    I took 3 weeks off work. They won't allow me anymore time and if I call in sick I will probably be fired. I just don't know what to do.

    I am thinking of going over the border to the US and paying to see a urologist because my family doctor is being totally useless. He never believes me when I tell him something is wrong or how awful I am feeling. He has never heard of IC therefore won't test me. My dad chuckles when I tell him I'm still not sleeping. My fiance keeps expecting me to go go go and I'm just too exhausted and in pain. No one is listening to me darnnit!!!

    Can there be bacteria in a culture and still possibly be IC ?

    If you've read all this .. thank-you for replying.

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    People with interstitial cystitis can get infections. It's also very possible to have an infection and not have IC. Since you have been diagnosed with an infection, I suggest you pursue treatment to get rid of the infection --- be sure to take the antibiotic for the full length of time recommended. If your total problem is infection, it's been there for quite a while and it may take some time for the discomfort to go away totally.

    You could also have a look at the IC diet and try eliminating the problem foods and drinks from your diet. Even if it's not IC, things like coffee and sodas can be irritating to an inflamed bladder.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Stay safe

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      elaina, I so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I know it can be discouraging especially when you do not have the support of the doctor. I would ask for a referal to see a specialist in pelvic pain. I have had good luck at Wome's Centers...hopefully you have one in your area. I find they are more compassionate and tender toward these areas of pain.

      In the meantime I agree with Donna to look at the I.C. diet and (for a while until your symptoms have subsided) avoid bladder irritants.

      No matter what keep seeing different doctors till you are satisfied. There are good ones out there. Good Luck.


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        i agree wth donna but if things persist to long you do need to see a good uro. i hope things turn out well for you keep us posted good info here.
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          It is possible to have the preliminary tests of a urine sample show white blood cells and you not have an infection. I had a urine sample taken about 3 weeks ago after my surgery because I was having flank pain and thought it might be a UTI/kidney infection, and the dr called me and said my white blood cells and nitrates were high, indication an infection but my culture was negative. I went through this battle with dr's for 3 years because I got diagnosed. They see the preliminary results and just keep saying its a UTI. I have learned that you know how you feel and its up to you to find a dr who will give you the answers you need. I would find a urologist. You can search online for IC doctors.
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