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I'm getting mixed msgs about IC/UTI diet regimen

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  • I'm getting mixed msgs about IC/UTI diet regimen

    I'm posting this here because I browsed the groups and didn't find anything else relevant, so, please feel free to either move this to another group or tell me where to post, unless it's ok to post this here. I'm doing my best to treat a UTI and IC holistically and I'm following a regimen guideline that has a list of natural remedies that I need to take. The problem is that I'm getting mixed messages. According to the UTI report, I need to take a cranberry tablet with an 8oz glass of water and I need to take organic apple cider vinegar, both of which I have and take daily. I don't recall where I read the post, but someone posted a comment saying that they followed a regimen and took cranberry and then painfully discovered that cranberry is a trigger for IC = interstitial cystitis, and they were in horrible pain. I also read that tomatoes are a trigger, though I've also read that they're a healthy food.

    I find this very frustrating and discouraging and I'm not sure what to do. I need to follow this regimen and clear out the UTI and heal and stay well, but it's going to be difficult to do this if I keep reading conflicting messages. I'm told chocolate is a trigger and to be honest, I'm not upset that I have to eliminate it because I've never had a sweet tooth or enjoyed chocolate much and I still don't, so, I'm not missing much or feeling deprived. I've always enjoyed and preferred salty foods and I still do. i also don't drink anything with caffeine and I don't smoke or drink alcohol. I'm a very healthy woman and I'm blessed and grateful, but I need to get on the road to good health and wellness. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this and help me. Thank you for listening. Oh and please understand that I'm on my period and my attention span is kinda slow, so, I prefer short-winded replies, similar to this. A paragraph or 2 is fine. Thank you for understanding. :-)
    Warm Wishes and Hugs,

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    I think there are two separate conditions you are talking about and maybe that is what is causing the confusion. If you have a UTI (bacterial cystitis) and don't have IC then yes, cranberry juice and also D-Mannose are often used holistic approaches to attempt to get rid of them.

    If you have been diagnosed with IC then you definitely wouldn't want to drink cranberry juice as it causes bladder pain. Here is a link to the diet if you want to print it out:

    Tomatoes ARE a healthy food as are many of the foods on the diet list that we cannot have. Its not about what is healthy on that list as what causes irritation and pain to an inflammed bladder.

    If you have IC and a UTI then you still have to avoid cranberry juice and maybe go with just the D-Mannose.

    Hope that helps.

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      stick with the IC diet only and drink lots of water. theses other things like cranberry and chocolate will irritate your IC. drinking lots of water is just as good as anything for IC or UTI. also you can take azo tablets for your IC or UTI.
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        Totally get your holistic approach, most of us would love to go that route, but simply cannot. Cranberry is a trigger for most in any form. Have you looked at the IC diet? At the very least, look at acidic vs alkaline diet online and try to stay alkaline. OMG we all love tomatoes, but they don't love us back. They hurt more than they help ICers. Maybe you want to talk to a holistic nutritionist and get some advice. It can be confusing, especially when you are trying to stay away from RX meds. Wish you success in trying to stay all natural, let us know how you make out. Would be very interesting to see if you have success, everyone is always looking for new info.


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          There are a lot of things that will help avoid an infection, but once the infection is there, it can take a long time to get rid of it without antibiotics. I don't like to take antibiotics, but a UTI is one thing that will lead me to the pharmacy! Drinking a lot of water is about the only thing I know that could help get rid of it.

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            Re: I'm getting mixed msgs about IC/UTI diet regimen

            If you have IC, definitely stick to the IC diet, which means no cranberry.

            For the UTI, I would suggest D-Mannose as a holistic option. I have used it with great success in clearing up UTI's, it worked way better than antibiotics with none of the side effects. You can buy the powder on Amazon, and just add it to water.