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    My shoulder is better too. For awhile I thought it was starting in my left shoulder also, but it went away. I'v also had lower back pain, upper back pain, and bad sciatica. I had an MRI on my neck which showed 3 bulging discs which can explain the upper back and shoulder pain. I'm interested to see what turns up when they MRI my whole spine since I do not have direct bladder pain, just terrible urgency to go and the weird rectal pain. I'm thinking it may be a nerve thing. I hope so, I am getting hungry too. Do you feel like your on bread and water?


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      I feel more like I'm on the water and chicken diet really. But, I know what you mean, I can't eat any bread, I have been trying to find a gluten, dairy free bread without preservatives and yeast (this messes up my stomach). I find the low oxilate (sp?) diet helps the vv pain. I would just like a piece of fruit once in awhile. I know I'm not getting the nutrition I used to get.


      How will PT help the spurs? Does this get rid of them or just increase mobility? The shoulder I hear the cracking sound in they did not do an x-ray on (this one is better after I exercised it) the left one they did x-ray and it was ok. The Dr. asked me to raise it and move it then said it was frozen shoulder. Did they tell you what causes these spurs? I pray that PT works and that you will not need to have another surgery.

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        Ah the mysterious frozen shoulder that just comes out of nowhere, like IC. Had it as well, doc wanted to send me to PT, but uninsured at the time and could not leave Bob to deal with it anyway. Did have the Xrays, showed some degeneration and bloodwork showed rheumotoid factor. Came home, looked up the exercises online and did them religiously. Took about 8 months, about 95% now, do get that occasional crick-crack still, but much better. The exercises are very gentle and you can adjust them to your own pain level. Doc also offered a cortisone shot in the shoulder, but was in too much agony at the time to accept it. Bob does get the mysterious aches and pains as well, but think a lot of it is from compensating with his body to try to get comfortable and relieve the IC pain. He can get in some pretty strange contortions, starting to call him mahareeshi mahesh...Hope your shoulders get better, boy it does hurt, sometimes a wrong move can drop you to the floor. Take care. Jill, wife of Bob


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          Good to know that your shoulder is better. My ortho dr. said "most people come out of this." He wanted to do the cortisone shot with me also, but I didn't know how it would react with my bladder and that pain is worse than the shoulder pain so I decided to skip it. I am just doing the excerises I learned in the military. I should look up the correct ones to treat this on the web. Thanks for the info.

          We are not HUMAN BEINGS going through a temporary SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS going through a temporary HUMAN that we may become more SPIRITUAL.


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            I honestly think the point of the physical therapy is to strengthen the shoulder muscles; I think I'll very probably end up having surgery --- it's an outpatient surgery and there's an orthopedic surgery center here so it shouldn't be horrible. I think my insurance company likes to send people for PT to try to avoid surgeries.

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              I tried the physical therapy for frozen shoulder but had to quit after a few sessions because my insurance did not pay for it. My shoulder slowly unfroze on it's own but I do not have the full range of motion that I did before. In my case, if I could have kept up with the pt, then my shoulder would probably be 100% back.