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Can someone please tell me if IC and Colitis often occur together?

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  • Can someone please tell me if IC and Colitis often occur together?

    I was diagnosed with IC a little over 4 years ago. I've had Elmiron Insillations, and I also take Elmiron on a daily basis. I'm currently on 2 a day, even though my urologist would prefer that I be on 3 or 4 a day. When I take more than the 2 a day, my legs and ankles swell to a huge size. Does or has anyone else had this problem while taking Elmiron? I seem to be okay, as long as I just take 2 a day. So, my urologist told me to go ahead and take that doseage. My IC started after I had my partial hysterectomy. I complained to doctor's for over a year about my pelvic pain, before I finally found my urologist. Thank goodness, he listened to what I was telling him. I was at the Emergency Room more times than I can count, and most of the doctors treated me like I was crazy. One went so far as to tell me that I would just have to learn how to deal with pain! I told him, that I would like to see him deal with the kind of pain I was having. E. R. doctor's don't know anything about IC. I think they should be more informed of what it is, so that they don't treat women like they're crazy. Anyway, I'm not going to the bathroom 20 times a day like I used to. I still have to go more than people without IC do, but I'll take it compared to how it was before. Another one of my questions is, does Colitis usually run along with IC. Awhile back, I started having problems with my bowels. I had some bleeding and mucus, so they did a colonoscopy and told me that I have Colitis. Does anyone else have this? Another thing is, the pelvic pain is terrible when I'm having a bowel movement. I would appreciate any information that someone can give me. I'm wondering if I shouldn't make my urologist aware of the bowel problems also. I just don't know it these are two things that usually occurr together.
    Thank You All So Much & God Bless

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    I have more bladder pain when my bowels move also. I don't know if I have colitis or if it is related to IC, but I think my bowel issues soon followed getting IC. My bowels now hurt a great deal. There are so many things that started for me after developing IC - also after a (complete) hysterectomy.

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