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    Originally posted by hollyroseanna View Post
    Is there anyway to help you sleep at night if you are feeling uncomfortable?

    Most of the time its not really bad pain. Its just uncomfortable enough not to sleep. This is really horrible as I have to get up at half 6 in the morning to go to Uni, which is so draining when you have been awake most of the night due to IC!

    I'm sick of feeling so exhausted

    Does anyone else get this?
    Holly - I get this too. I recently discovered that if I lie on my stomach the pressure and awareness goes down loads. The differrence is remarkable! Not sure why, but I guess it may have something to do with the position of the pelvic floor organs when you are in a lying position, and extra pressure being put on the nerves. (Or something like that!)

    Jem x
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      can't sleep

      Originally posted by izazen View Post
      I don't like to take medication if I can possibly avoid it.

      I find lemon balm ("Melissa") works very well as a natural sedative and sleeping aid. They are available at good health food stores.

      On a practical note, counting backwards from 100 a few times (usually once will do it) will calm me down enough to sleep.

      Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes each day is very helpful, too.
      Is the lemon balm an ointment or an oral sleep aide?