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  • Not sure!!??

    Hi guys
    I am 17, and have had a history of burnig when urinating. Well for the past week it has burned to pee and the specimen came back fine. It's really bad. And, another symPtom is that right before my period it burns to pee also-it always has. Does this sound like IC possibly? How do they diagnose it?

    I am going to the gyn today, but I'm sure I'll have to go to a urologist and I don't know how much longer I can go on with this burning.

    I am also a juvenile type 1 diabetic, and have two fractures in my back - L5 and L4 vertebra. I have generalized anxiety disorder and on and off depression.
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    Hi Bethbeth! Welcome to the ICN.

    It's good you're going in to the doctor. I imagine they'll check for an infection again, and then go from there.

    Not to mean that you have IC, but burning during urination is one of my worst symptoms so I really feel for you! It makes me cringe to just think of how that feels! Make sure you're drinking enough pure untreated water (spring water is often good) to flush your bladder out. Before I was diagnosed I used to think that by restricting fluids I wouldn't have to go so much and that would limit the burn. It only made things worse for me.

    Does this sound like IC possibly?
    Your short description would also be how I would describe my onset of IC, which happened in my teens. But I think there are other things that can cause similar symptoms too. Hopefully your doctors will begin to look into your cause because we know it isn't any fun to live with!

    Let us know how your appointment turns out today!
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      I agree that seeing a doctor is the right way to go. I hope you have some answers soon.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Thanks guys! I am in the doctors office now, waiting. I am taking AZO for the pain but it's not working anymore. I just want some way to feel better. How do they diagnose this?


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          How do they diagnose this?
          This is a link to a brief explanation on diagnostic methods that is here on this site:

          It seems like different doctors have different beliefs and methods regarding diagnosis. One thing that is pretty common with IC is that often a diagnosis seems to take forever to get to. It's like IC is what you have after they've ruled everything else out.
          "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."