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the irony of IC

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  • the irony of IC

    I am starting to see improvement with elmiron, as far as pain is concerned. My biggest problem is frequency, and i think urgency is starting to improve. Hydrozyzine is also helping. I was very swollen.

    I always have a bad time in the morning. As soon as I urinate in the morning, it starts a cycle of frequency. My Dr. prescribed Sanctura XR (vesicare for 4 months, with no improvement) which I think might be helping, since I'm doing better in the afternoons. Because I have such a hard time in the am, i thought getting the med in my system before morning might help. Started to experiment, taking the Sanctura at night, instead of in the am.

    This morning I took the Sanctura at 3:00am. When i got up, after I voided, I had pressure, but was able to go 2 hours before voiding again! This was amazing, and was a sign that i am getting better.

    Went to the grocery store this afternoon and all of a sudden, went into a flare. (I'm ovulating) it's not as bad as those I've had in the past, but it seems that whenever i think I'm improving...i feel bad again... so ironic and unpredictable!!

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    this desease has got the medical profession puzzled, every icer is different. this desease can happen at any age,sex,or race. pray for a cure soon.
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      I just hope you continue to improve.

      Stay safe

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        sounds like you are on the right track! Elmiron can work miracles for some, and it sounds like you might be in that group. Unfortunately a lot of women of childbearing age go through this every month, you will get some response to this. But gee-wiz a flare at the store...what a pain that was! Just look forward to getting through your cycle and having a couple of good weeks again. You are obviously in good hands, continue to really stay connected with your doc and establish a good relationship. Wish you much luck, take care of yourself. Jill, wife of Bob