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New: Intense itching in vagina under bladder wall

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  • New: Intense itching in vagina under bladder wall

    I'm new to Network but not to IC. I was diagnosed thirty four yrs ago. It came with intractable, intense itching under bladder wall. I met one woman who had same symptoms. I could not find it anywhere on the board.

    Good news is I had practically a remission at menopause. I mainted myself on diazepam and then added gabapentin. The gabapentin was given to me for a sleep disorder and didn't come out as helping i.c. for about a yr later.

    I had the shingles about three yrs ago and shortly after had an i.c. recurrence. Thank God the urgency and frequency didn't return. The itching did, worse than ever. Adding Lamictal, a drug in the same class as neurontin and a Valium suppository helped. But either I tolerating it or having a flare.
    I do not have Vulvudynia specialist. She is highly thought of and wrote a book called V. She added Valium and Baclogen suppositories when I asked her.
    A neurologist added Percocet. I take one or two a day. I had continued with Atararax and Cystoprotect.

    Does or has anyone with vaginal itching under the bladder wall that is not an infection. I'm been cultured so often I could take my vagina to Symphony Hall.

    I will write about my remission in the proper place

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    Vaginal Itching was one of my main symptoms at first, and I think it kept my URO from diagnosing me sooner. i actually asked him for Elmiron, once I started reading and learning about IC.

    It was horrible a few months ago. My itching is just inside my vagina. My symptoms, which are mostly frequency and pressure, are gradually and very slowly improving, and unless I'm in a flare, (yesterday and today after ovulation) the itching is much better. I follow the IC diet, and I think this may have helped. I also started taking hydroxyzine about 6 weeks ago, and I think this drug may be helping me more than anything else. I was so swollen it was hard to walk.

    Hope you and your vagina enjoy the symphony..funny!! A sense of humor goes a long way in dealing with this horror...

    Take care!


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      Are you taking Elmiron? Your symptoms sound just like mine were. And I did have a fifteen yr remission. Without humor I'd be dead! Not only does it keep me going but doctors like an entertaining patient.


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        I am, since end of November. It has reduced my pain. when I'd flare, I'd have bad pain in my thighs that would shoot down my legs. I aso had bad pain at the end of urination. I still do but it's lessened.

        Also started sanctura XR a few weeks ago when vesicare didn't help. this is reducing frequency. When I'm not having a flare I can go 3 hours without peeing. Mornings are always hardest for me.

        I agree with your comments on humor. When I was first diagnosed I would flare on the way home from work, and have to pee then and there. I explained it to my Dr. as wee, wee, weeing all the way home...

        15 years is an awesome remission. Hope i get there..