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  • Hoping this is not IC

    Hi all, have been reading all your posts for weeks and finally decided to join in. I'm 43 never had a uti in my life. I have no other health issues like so many ic patients seem to have. Three weeks ago out of the blue I had frequent urination and a burning bladder. It never burns when I pee. Also some lower back ache like with cramps. Urine was very amber but never cloudy. Took the AZO dip test neg for nitrates but pos. for leukocytes. Tried the cranberry and tons of water, did nothing. Decided to take the 5 Cipro we had left from my husband’s sinus infection. It didn't help. Couldn't sleep, went to ER, all they did was test my urine said I had no infection and sent me home with 10 Lorazapan to sleep and prescription strength AZO. The Lorazapan is great for sleep, but it's highly addictive. So over the past 2 weeks I have had a day or two of feeling almost ok but most days I either have bladder annoyance, I don't know how else to describe it. It's not sharp pain it just feels bruised and irritated. Frequency changes from a lot to maybe I can hold it 2 hrs or so. Sometimes the bladder feels fine but I feel like I have a pipe cleaner stuck up my urethra and it sort of burns, but not when I pee. When my bladder feels irritated the Pridium really doesn't help which I find odd. Tylenol does not help either. I am on a very strict diet this whole time. I do only water, either filtered or bottled spring. Basically no carbs which has put me in ketosis and I have lost 12 lbs already! I stopped all supplements. I went to the gyno and they did a vaginal ultra sound, it didn't hurt too bad but it was a lot of pressure when she tried to look at my ovaries. Ovaries looked great and they saw two very small fibroids they he said wouldn't cause a problem. I mentioned endometriosis of the bladder and he said that could be the problem but since I've never had endo symptoms before and I've never been on the pill and only have one child he thought it was kinda late for endo to be showing up but he didn't think it was IC. We also discussed the possibility of kidney stones or bladder stones. I did have a high oxalate diet prior to this happening. I am afraid to get a cystopathy for fear if I do have IC it will make symptoms worse. I want to get a CAT scan to rule our stones or tumors. Then I may decide on lapro surgery to see if I have endo on my bladder. This is all so confusing. Anyone else out there here of people thinking they had IC and finding out it was stones or endo or does it sound like I have IC. I don't have the belly pain 2 inches under the navel like some mention. My bladder 2 inches above the pubic bone is what bothers me most. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I swear I don't know how people live like this! This has taken up my whole life, and it's just so sad.

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    It's possible that what you have is IC, but I won't even try to suggest a diagnosis for you. I think it's very important to work with your doctors to find out what's going on with you. I know it's frustrating not knowing, but hopefully you'll have some answers soon.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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