I am a teacher- I got IC while in grad school working on a PHd, I had just adopted a special needs child, and had to drop from the Phd program and get a M.Ed in teaching instead. I survived- and had to take a teaching job outside the US- I live on a tiny island in the Pacific called Saipan- and take care of my child, and my mother (due to heart failure)...so I am busy. The problem is- right now I am working all day, every day. I would love my job- but the constant urges are worsened by lack of sleep (get up 7 plus times a night), and the stress of not having a second for myself- to care about what I eat or rest - makes it impossible to do what I know I should. I should monitor my diet, take meds, see a doc (there is no IC specialist here, no urologist and I can not afford to fly to Guam or the US), get some sleep (!)- so all of that advice is useless. I am just trying to survive each day...I can not take time off, can not talk to my boss about this, have to do my best to hide it. I am drinking low acid coffee, and having a soda in the afternoon as I am too tired to do anything by then. I know this is bad- If I could just have the energy a normal person does...I could catch up, feel less depressed, etc. I am considering begging a doc for provigil or abilify...any suggestions?
Right now- I am barely surviviing....ignoring the urges and pain,,,and suffering through each day ---I have not had the time to make any close friends here, so that compounds the issue. I have not been able to disclose the issue to anyone. If I take time off, or bring up the flare to my boss....I could be replaced easily. I have to show that I am able to do my job well, and do extras, and handle it all...or my family will be financially devastated. I need another med...please help.
Oh- amatriptilene not an option. I tried and it made me sooo tired I could not work at all. Could not wake up with 6 alarms set. May try again this summer- but I need time to get used to it.