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  • major flare

    I have had IC over 5 years now. i deal daily with the frequency and pain. It is amazing how we can deal. Several years ago I use to post here but my life got so crazy I have not posted. I just recently went to the Urologist and of course he has a sense of humor and said you must be healed I have not seen you in 2 years. I told him I just have learned to live with everything which includes waking every 2 hours to pee, pain when I do. UNfortunately I was one whom Elmiron did not work after 2 years. April 1 I am going for my 3rd Hydrodistension procedure, hoping for some relief. Fortunately I am a special education teacher and have a bathroom right in my classroom. I am happy to be back on this website because here you find encouragement and compassion where in other situations many people do not understand

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    totally understand

    I have had IC for 3 years but only since sept has it become severe. I have high frequency and some pain. I am a phys ed teacher and have to get to a bathroom after every 1 or 2 classes. been on elmiron elavil and hydroxyzine for awhile. now trying cystoprotek. no luck yet. I too am just learning to live like this. Its not fun. praying for a cure