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    Hello I am looking for any info, answer or help. Let me break down my story.

    I am 34 yrs old no children
    On synthroid 125mcg
    history of UTI

    Doc told me in the past to use 1 Macrobid before or after intercourse / or if I felt I was getting a UTI to treat myself.

    Well 2 weeks ago I started treating myself for what I thought was UTI with
    Macrobid. " This was just 2 days after my period "

    Took this for 7 days with no improvement.. but felt like maybe this wasn't a regular UTI Symptoms were a little different

    Went to the doc on the 8 day told them the story, they gave me Cipro 500 told me to drink lots and sent me home.

    Next day I went for a long car ride that nearly drove myself crazy... was pumping the cranberry juice to me . That night I ended up going to the emergency room with pain and pressure. They told me to finish my cipro, gave me meds for a yeast infection and too drink lots of cranberry juice.

    I am now finished the cipro and still have the same symptoms I started with two weeks ago...with more back pain.

    Here are my symptoms from 2 weeks ago till now

    pressure to urinate that comes and goes
    burn in urethra , but not when I pee.
    back pain on the right side. low and high and seems worse in the evenings
    pressure in rectum, had diarrhea 1 night last week and still not having regular bowel movements, feel I need to work to pass gas.
    sometimes nausea or bloating after eating a meal.
    always feel my best when i first get up in the morning
    thanks for any help
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    Did anyone you saw actually send a clean urine sample OUT for a culture ? The quick-dip office tests are not always accurate.

    If a culture comes back negative and you still have the symptoms, you could have IC and should discuss it more with your doctor.

    * ITP - autoimmune blood disorder - spleen removed 1978 and in remission since
    * MS- diagnosed Jan-2010
    * IC - confirmed by cysto and hydro Nov-2010 - currently taking no medication
    * possible adenomyosis - suspected by urogyno May-2010
    * low Vitamin D levels - taking 2000 IU daily
    * sleep issues - 1/2 alprazolam


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      First thing I would do is stop the cranberry juice, it you do find you have IC that is the worst thing you can do. Drink lots of spring water or filtered water. Also coffee and soft drinks can be hard on the bladder so if you have inflamation those will irritate you more.

      If you are still having a lot of problems definately go back to your Dr. You might want to ask for a referral to a urologist.

      I hope you find some answers soon.
      Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

      American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
      Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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        thanks for the info...
        yes I did stop the cranberry juice 2 days ago but only after reading the info on here. Thank you ...I am going back to my Dr on Wednesday.
        Today I have taken 2 400mg of ibuprofen and feel it is helping the pains in my back. Now I only have the pressure feeling down below but I am not running to pee all the time seems like that was more so last week ...thanks

        Also I should note after reading the do's and don'ts on here ,if I do have IC i could not have done more things wrong this past 2 weeks

        Lots of family stress
        major lack of sleep
        ate a lot of spicy food
        Antibiotics gave me yeast infection
        poured the cranberry juice to me
        went for a long car ride that nearly killed me " the shaking around was bad "

        and yes when I was at the ER they tested my urine and said it was clear and that I was not prego !!
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          I found the heating pad works wonders. I keep the heating pad on my back, and have one of those buckwheat heat things that I heat up in the microwave and put on my abdomen.

          Between that, some advil and a half of an alprazolam (that I normally only take on occasion for sleeping) I am usually able to tolerate most of my flare-up pain.
          Spicy foods and citrus are two of my triggers.

          The worst flare I've had so far was 9 days and it was triggered by eating some spiced chips at a restaurant. I didn't realize just how spicy they were when I was eating them. I sure knew it a few hours later ! Now I take Prelief when I eat out and try to order things with as little spice as possible.

          Now that you are learning more about IC and the diet, you may be able to control your symptoms better.

          I think you need to try to find a doctor in your area who specializes in IC and get evaluated. Keeping track of your symptoms and foods in a diary/journal could be helpful with diagnosis.

          Good luck and keep us posted.

          * ITP - autoimmune blood disorder - spleen removed 1978 and in remission since
          * MS- diagnosed Jan-2010
          * IC - confirmed by cysto and hydro Nov-2010 - currently taking no medication
          * possible adenomyosis - suspected by urogyno May-2010
          * low Vitamin D levels - taking 2000 IU daily
          * sleep issues - 1/2 alprazolam


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            i do not understand these doctors, if you tell them you have reccurent infections they should automatically put you on an ic diet until they have a real diagnosis. my first uro who i call dr. pain or frankenstien told me to drink lots of cranberry juice and he schelduled me for a cystro/hydro suspecting ic. he never explained what ic was, i learned slowly on my own and this forum.i suffered three solid months of pure torture with no pain meds. i now have a uro whos got me on the right treatment plan, thank god for that.
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              I always feel my best in the morning and find drinking just about anything gives me a full bloated feeling. I am not running to the bathroom that often nor am I passing as much when I do go.So far today the back pain is mostly gone but the right side of my abdomen feels tender and full.
              Thank you all for the understanding and advice. I think not knowing what is wrong with you is the worst feeling. I hope to get some answers tomorrow. I will keep you all posted. Again Thanks so much , Darbee


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                I absolutely agree that cranberry juice is probably the worst possible irritant if you do happen to have IC. There are other foods and drinks that can be a problem as well. You'll find the latest IC diet food list at the link in my signature below. It might be a good idea to give the diet a try to see if it helps.

                Warm healing thoughts,
                Stay safe

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                  I noticed two of you are taking ibuprofren which can be a bladder irritant for many of us. Tylenol is usually safe.