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I'm new, with unique situation..I think

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  • I'm new, with unique situation..I think

    Hi I'm Susan,

    I had been having urgency and frequency issues for months and finally went to the doc last aug. My gp put me on oab meds and saw me back in Nov. With no improvement and a bit of blood in my urine, I was sent for an ultra sound to rule out a kidney stone. No stone but they found a huge ovarian cycst and fibroids on my ovaries also. In late Dec I had a laproscopic hystorecomy, taking all except my cervix. The thinking was the cycst was sitting on my bladder and that would solve my urgency issues. It didn't at all. It came back, the urgency, frequency and even terrible bladder spasms and still blood in my urine. Had me on cirpro but the blood was still there. I was then sent to a Uro.

    The Uro did a cycoscopy and found something... she did another a week later under local anesthesia and took a portion of what she was and burned the rest with a fugaration (sp). Since then I have felt much better. In a follow up visit she said it could come back and if it does she can do the same thing again. She said the ulcer was an indication of IC. She didn't mention Hunners Ulcers but in my research, I found this myself. I am currently not on any meds for IC but am on Estrogen and Citilopram. So far I feel pretty good but am anticipating a return.

    Is anyone familiar with my situation??



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    I just hope you continue to improve. If you're feeling better, she must be on the right track.

    Stay safe

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      Great that you are doing so well. Try to be happy that the problems are gone, if they happen to return you can deal with them then!

      Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

      American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
      Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom