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Newly dx's & starting treatments

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  • Newly dx's & starting treatments

    Hi everyone..I have finally been dx'd with IC about a month ago after about 1 1/2 yrs of off and on flare ups of pain and constant runs to the bathroom. I have just started treatment of Bladder instillations(x2 so far no help but too early I believe) once a week for 6 weeks for 6 weeks then everyother week for 6 weeks and Physical Therapy twice a week which I'm having a hard time making due to the extreme pain of my bladder and diarrhea I have experienced due to the Elmiron I was on ( 2 twice daily). I have since been told to discontinue this med. I also take Urelle for bladder discomfort which I have to say does nothing for me. My question is this does anyone else have a problem with their dr getting something for the pain of this disorder (ie.....Tylenol #3, Vicoden....) regular tylenol and ibuprofen does nothing for me. I also have IBS and chronic Migraines. Any suggestions? Thanks for any input.

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    my first uro yes yes yes he was a monster
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