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  • ICNDonna
    My suggestion is to get a second opinion, especially if you were diagnosed by hydrodistention.


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  • dgwoodking
    started a topic Help new doctor!

    Help new doctor!

    I have problems and questions surrounding a new doctor. I was diagnosed by biopsy in 1996. Since that time I have been on what seems to be hundreds of medications, numerous hydrostentions, bladder augmentation, hysterectomy, and interstim. I have seen 3 wonderful doctors who gave me great treatment. 2 moved from my area and due to divorce and no health insurance I have been without a doctor for over a year. Recently, I have been having flares that I could no longer handle and found a new urologist. He seems to believe I DO NOT have IC. He treats me as if I am crazy and does not believe me. He says none of my pain is associated with the bladder. I continually have blood in my urine and severe pelvic/vaginal pain. He performed a cysto and told me there was no IC but, had severe narrowing of the urethra. Is this possible?