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New IC and Visceral Sensitivity patient

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  • New IC and Visceral Sensitivity patient

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with both IC and visceral hypersensitity of the abdomen after many years of intrusive testing by a Motility gastroenterolgist in San Francisco. here in Sacramento I have had several tests that diagnosed the IC. I have tried pelvic floor therapy which is helpful as long as it lasts but do not believe I am on the right meds or suppliments. Now I have a bladder infection. I also have fibromyalgia(years ago diagnosed and herniated discs in both back and neck from injuries.

    I cannot sleep:

    Am on Ambien, Atavan, 25m. Norotryptalene, Estrogel,Tizanadine and Zofran. Occasionally add Lyrica. Also on Elmiron(2mos) and have 2 painful bladder instillations of DSMO. The nighttime meds (Norotryptalene, Atavan, Ambien and Tizanadine) periodically cause terrible nightmares, and I mean terrible. I do not sleep more than a couple of hours and then up either exchanging the hot packs for ice packs including using a makeshift one by my therapist for the perinium.
    I am in constant pain. RE: visceral hypersensitivity: cannot get an appt with the Motility specialist again until August 30(which is not in my best interest to say the least but can't do anything about it). he is nearly 100 miles away so it is always a all day affair. Am not getting anywhere with them about getting me in less pain and for 3 mos. was not able to eat at all due to pain with eating that I had to live on Peptomin liquid suppliment.

    does anyone have any similar problems with visceral hypersensitivity?

    Now also being referred to UC Davis to a specialist for Vulva.....?

    Please help!



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    Is there a doctor in Sacramento --- is there someone at UC Davis who might be able to help with the IBS? I also think it would be a good idea to take your list of medications to a pharmacist and ask to have them checked to see if there are any unpleasant interactions there --- especially since you are having nightmares.

    I hope you get some help soon.

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      I'm also a visceral sensitivity patient and was able to dramatically improve my stomach issues by following the gastroparesis diet for several months. I found that it really calmed things down. At one point a few years ago, I could barely drink water due to the extreme stomach problems that we think were triggered by a terrible stomach virus. About a dozen patients in the county apparently developed the same thing.

      In any case, welcome!
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        PROBIOTIC: visceral hypersensitivity

        Thank you for your welcome...

        I was diagosed with gastroparesis several years ago and followed the diet but then IBS kicked in.

        What specific probiotic has helped you the most? I am trying Ultimate Flora, Critical care, very expensive but cannot say it has helped.

        Also the Heather's Tummy Acacia doesn't dissolve in cold juice.. is there another you like better?

        Is anyone juicing and going vegan for I.C. and is it helping?

        Is the combination of Cystoprotak and elmiron helping people?

        Is anyone takiing Nortryptalene and Atavan for visceral hypersensitivity and is it working?

        thank you.