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  • Difficulty finding medication

    I have had IC for about 10 years now. After the first 3 years and consultation with 3 urologists, the last one gave me a list of and prescription for everything used to treat IC. What works for one person, doesn't for another, so it takes some experimenting. It was a process of elimination and finally I was able to get, not complete, but some relief from my symptoms with a combination of Elmiron, Urelle, and a 3% cortisone cream.

    For years I was able to easily obtain one of my prescription medications, which contains 5 different ingredients in varying milligrams (Urelle), which, for the sake of simplicity, I refer to as "the purple pill" and at a reasonable generic co-pay cost with my insurance. However, this year, I am having difficulty obtaining this medication, which is manufactured by many different brand names....Urelle, Urin DS, Prosed DS, UTA, Utira-C, Utrona-C, to name just a few. Several manufacturers have discontinued production of this med (Utira-C, Utrona-C) and the insurance companies, not only still have the discontinued drugs on their formulary list, but will not cover many of the available brands. The few that are covered are usually a higher tier and co-pay or the pharmacies in my moderately size town don't sell them. It took me 3 months and numerous phone calls to track down a Tier 1 or lower copay medication (Urelle) that my insurance company covers. This type of medication has been on the market for many years, long past it's patent period, but is still marketed at a very high retail price, even in the lower tier categories. The Elmiron is readily obtainable, but, even after many years on the market, still has a very high retail price ranging from $1100 to $1500 for a 90 day supply. These high retail prices result in reaching the Medicare Gap coverage very quickly and then having to pay an exorbitant retail price, even with the new health reform law, which now requires 50% of the retail. Needless to say, not only do I cope with this uncomfortable disease, but now I have to go through the tedious and frustrating process of having to find a lower priced and available drug. I order 90 day supplies so that I have plenty of medication on hand, in case I have to search for, yet another brand. I just want to draw attention to this problem and am hoping that we, as a group, can address this issue to the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies and possibly influence "big business" to have some consideration for those of us with IC who live on moderate and low incomes. I realize there is assistance for people with low income, but for those whose income is over the qualifying limit, but still a modest income, it becomes increasingly, if not impossible, for some to afford this medication. NO ONE should be allowed to suffer because they can't afford medication, not only in the United States of America, but anywhere!!! Our society keeps talking about this but, unfortunately, it's only talk. Sickness is being exploited by insurance and pharmceutical companies in this country. Drugs are not as expensive in other countries, as they are here in the U.S. I will look forward to some input and discussion as to what can be done about this. Thanks for listening.

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    I would like to talk to you. I am sending you private message. I am also on medicare D and no plan I can find covers any of meds you mentioned prosed, urelle utirca ........ WHO did you find that will cover it ?

    I go without as I cant afford cash price of any of the UTA. I am going to try to appeal wont hold my breath for medicare =gov to approve it but if so then copay is at tier 4 highest level

    I go without this and b/0 supp and dont try valium supp as medicare d does not pay for any of this


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      I am going without it my medicare d plan wont cover it and I could not find one that would . I am like you cant get drug asst besides there is no drug asst for prosed or urelle

      I would love to know what you are taking and what medicare d program covers this and let alone at level one tier no way

      I have been without and was going to ask my uro to appeal if approved it is level 4 . I could not find it any of meds you listed on any medicare d drug plans

      Please advice thank you kindly vicky