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Bloated Belly Ongoing Pain & Hafto Pee but Unable too* Urinary Retention

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  • Bloated Belly Ongoing Pain & Hafto Pee but Unable too* Urinary Retention

    Hello 32 Female and Glad to have found this site (i'm not alone). For me it started First for about 2years I always had to pee, got up 6-8xnight. I had no Pain just frequent urinating. Than all of a sudden the pain started coming, I woke up with awful low stomach pain, I thought it was my uterus, or ovaries, I had no idea it was my bladder. The pain was bad and it came on suddenly. My obgyn requested an ultrasound to check possibilities. They made me drink alot of water for the Ultra Sound and BOOM I couldn't hold my urine for the First time, it hurt so bad I had to pee 3x before my ultra sound. Remember if you do this type of ultra sound you hafto go with a Full Bladder, I was not able to hold my bladder I ws in excrutiating pain because all the water I drank and having to hold it for the Test. My Doctor gave me the Results of Ultra Sound *Normal and discussed it's possible IC since I had all the Symptoms (never heard of this before). She than Reffered me to Urology. It's unfortunate I have major back pain I've been dealing with for the past 4years and now this IC came too. I am in constant pain all the time and my stomach looks pregnant. I can't even stick my stomach muscles in or it hurts me so bad. I usto be able to hold my stomach in with no problem & now I can't or it hurts so bad.
    There are Days when I feel okay and think it's gone & As quick as it dissappears it comes back Full Force. My stomach looks 4months Pregnant, I urinate frequently with Pain and Burning on my Bladder/Lower Crease under Belly. It's worse at night since I urinate more frequently at night & early morning I wake up with awful burning pain since my bladder is full since I fell asleep and haven't emptiied it for a while so mornings are the worse for me.
    I get no burning down there while urinating, so here my symptoms are different from many others where they burn while peeing, like a UTI. Only now it's starting to hurt if I'm unable to go and I've been sitting for about 10min in the toilet. No Pain with intimacy, maybe a little afterward but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm already flaring already but nothing worse than before.
    SCARY NEW SYMPTOMS FOR ABOUT A MONTH NOW. I have Urinary Retention. I hafto pee so bad, you know that feeling where you can't hold it anymore & you hafto go find a restroom right away, well when I finally get to the toilet I'm not able to urinate! My bladder can't relax (SPASM) It's like it squeezes itself all the time, than when you hafto pee it releases and starts to relax, well for me my Bladder can't relax it's constantly on Squeeze Mode. Nothing helps it I tried everything and it's happening everyday On and Off for over a month. Urologist says this is part of IC. After typing this Online I didn find the site "WIlkepedia" where it explained this Symptom as IC, boy was this a Relief because I thought this must be something else. This is ridiculous and frustrating and a bit scary for me because I know eventually I probably will hafto use a catheter and I couldn't possibly think of that.
    Like another post I tried holding/pressing down my belly to make me pee and sometimes it works sometimes it dosn't. I try the Tens and sometimes it elecrtifys the nerves or muscles and helps me pee & sometimes it dosn't.
    Well this is an everyday IC symptom for me that I hafto pee and I can't. This comes and goes many times a day, everyday, than sometimes I pee normally without having to wait 10-20min in the toilet (I notice this is when my private part down there starts to hurt if I sit too long & I'm unable to go.*vulvar I think.) If I can't go after 10min I get up sit down & it's awful because the urge is still there but my bladder muscle won't relax (Spasm) it won't let the urine release or stream down. It's horrible or sometimes the pee will start but it's not like it usto be. The urine stream is slow goes from fast to slow light to heavy, it starts it stops, than starts back up again, than stops again, this is what bladder spasms seem like to me.
    Anyways this is a little bit of what's happening with my IC besides Pain when bladder is Full, Pain when I hafto urinate & I'm unable too.
    Ultra Sound Normal, Cystoscopy Normal, Doctor said you have all symptoms of IC and everyone has different symptoms.
    For me No Diet changes since Food has No Affect on my IC except one Flare with Spaghetti Sauce.
    Urologist explained IC is a Diagnosis of Exclusuion and sounds like you have Interstistial Cystitis.
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    Hello Hoping4change,

    Welcome to the ICN. Your Dr is right, IC is a diagnosis of exclusion. Your symptoms could very well be IC and perhaps not. It can take time and remember it can be frustrating as well. Many people get upset when they aren't immediately diagnosed and seek another opinion. You have to keep in mind that each time you start over with a DR, you will have to start all of your background and testing again. Does your Dr not think you are diet sensitive? Some Dr's don't believe diet can affect an IC patient. While you are waiting to see what your diagnosis is it might be a very good idea to work on the IC diet, even if you aren't diet sensitive, the things on the list are calming to an inflamed bladder so they just might help. The swollen belly, some call it IC belly is thought to be from inflammation and the extra fluids that brings into the area of your lower abdomen.

    Many ICer's do not have pain when urinating, our symptoms can vary dramatically. I hope you find what is goind on soon and some ways to help ease your pain.

    Have you tried lying in a warm water bath to relax your pelvic muscles to help you urinate? It does help sometimes.

    Again, welcome to the ICN.

    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom