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  • Dr. Appointment today

    Well I am going back to the Dr today and talk to him again about this problem and hope that he will tell me I have IC, because he tells no I don't have it because I am not in alot of pelvic pain. But my GP feels it is ic. Wish me luck . I might have to get a new doc.

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    Good luck! Be your own best advocate and don't give up until you have the answers you deserve!


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      Everyone symptoms are different and IC should not be ruled out for lack of a symptom.

      Let us know how your app went?

      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        Good luck!

        Make 'em listen!

        Current medication: Soul-searching

        Vitamin D and B, Green smoothies, infrared sauna use, walking, cleansing, still seeking doctors to help find THE CAUSE of this--autoimmune or infection.


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          Make your doctor listen to you! Bring him the information that you researched and let him know that you are having some of the symptoms. If he won't listen than find another doctor.


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            dr's appointment

            Well the appointment went very good. I do like him as he is suppose to be one of the best in baltimore. He explained to me that alot of doctors will give a diagnosis of ic . He said I could have a very mild form of it but he feels I have a sensitive bladder. I have to watch my diet and it is a trail and error as far as food and what I drink. He said I can take macabid if I get a flare up. He doesn't feel he wants to do anything else at this point. Well I will keep doing what I'm doing and hope that I continue to feel good.


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              Sounds like you came home with a plan.

              What may help you at this point is to keep a journal, you can get as detailed as you want, for example, foods eaten and maybe time, symtoms you get, what they are, severity, and time you get them. this can help show you patterns.

              You might even want to keep a record for a couple of weeks how many times you pee in the day and night, and if you got any symptoms while doing so.

              It can just help you actually know whats going on, and later on you can see if your symptoms are getting better or worse.

              Good luck MG
              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.