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Advice Needed - Switching Doctors

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  • Advice Needed - Switching Doctors

    I was diagnosed with a mild form of IC in 2001. Unfortunately, I was in active addiction and did not follow through with the doctor. From time to time, I would experience a flare but it would only last a couple of days so I did not mind being inconvenienced. In 2004, I was blessed with the gift of desperation and by God's grace have been sober/clean for the last 6.5 years. Entering recovery I changed ALL my doctors and everything was fine until January 2010.

    I have been in a flare since Jan 2010. After finding this site, I have made several life changes: Elmiron (Aug 2010), IC diet (Oct 2010), counselor (Oct 2010), BCP (Dec 2010), and CystoProtek (Jan 2011), correct water, and Prelief with every meal.

    I have discontinued the Elmiron and OAB meds (does not work for me) but have continued with CystoProtek.

    On Monday, I have scheduled an appt with the Dr. that diagnosed me in 2001.
    My main symptoms are: feeling that I have to go even after my bladder is empty, not being able to start a stream (occassionally), and having to get up 2 to 3 times a night, and frequency.

    I have read about taking Elavil @ nite and taking an anti-histamine (hydro ????).

    Any response is welcomed!

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    I am not sure I really have much advice to be giving you right now. You seem to be doing the right things. Of course, we are all different in ages, gender, in my case, symptoms, and medications. Yep! I do think it is wonderful that you have managed to stay clean 6+ years by now. I just hope and pray that you will continue to be. I have not been on Elival, but you can ask the doctor about it on Monday. At least, you finally decided to go back. Oh! I did notice you did not mention pain at all. I said that because I was diagnosed back in 1997 without ever complaining of pain. Of course, I did view a picture of my bladder.(and yucky) OK. You can let us know what happens on Monday.(if you so desire) That will be all now.


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      Thanks for your reply. It is so encouraging to hear from those on the IC journey.

      Rarely have pain. If I do, it mimmicks the pain you would have from a UTI. Urinating is so very uncomfortable! But a couple of days of rest, sticking very close to the IC diet, and taking the "blue pee pee" med and I seem to be fine.

      Major complaint: frequency, the urgent need to go, and not being able to sleep through the night!

      Will let you know after I talk with the doctor. Once again, thanks for the reply!