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    I've had bladder infections since my childhood. My first one was at 9 yo. Had repeated infections up until my hysterectomy when I was 48. Three years later I thought I had a bladder infection, medication didn't help and it was my first kidney stone. I have had what I thought were repeated kidney stone attacks but CT showed there were no stones, just numerous ones in my kidneys that weren't moving. My symptoms were dull back pain mostly on the left side as well as groin pain. Just recently in January 2011, I had severe back pain, urgency, and pressure. Went to the ER not knowing what it was, not a kidney stone, but a UTI, put on Cipro, symptoms got worse and went back to the ER and was told that it was a kidney infection, E-coli. Went to follow up with my PCP and my lab reports showed that the Cipro was resistant. I was then put on Keflex round the clock for a week, had another culture that showed it was not gone, another round of Keflex. Thought I was fine until this past week, pressure and urgency, back and groin pain and felt terrible. Dr's office was closed so I went to the ER once again and was told that I had a wicked UTI, put me on Macrobid and sent out a culture. Followed up with the urologist who read the lab reports and he says that the culture was negative and stop the Macrobid. He then wants to do a Cystoscopy in the office. I told him that I would like to reschedule since I had to go back to work. He insists that I may have IC, but I really don't have any of the symptoms. I eat all of the right foods since I had my gallbladder out last year, no bladder irritants. I am very frustrated since I feel fine and don't know what's going on. I plan on going for a second opinion before I get talked into a Cystoscopy. I had one when I had a kidney stone and the post side effects were terrible. Anyone else with similar symptoms?

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    Hi Marel!

    I see that you didn't get an answer to this. Have you gone to an IC specialist? They would be the best to tell you if you have IC or not. The cystoscopy is not considered the "gold standard" anymore in diagnosis since there were so many false positives.

    Check the link under "Patients" above and look for "Find a Medical Professional" to see if there is someone in your area who may be able to give you a proper diagnosis.

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