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  • just found out

    I just found out that my Aunt and Cousin have had IC for years? I wonder could this be inherited, my mom use to get constant UTIs. I bet if they did the correct test on her at that time they would have found she had IC, God Rest Her Soul.
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    My uro tells me it's not inherited but the more post I read on here I think their wrong on that account.
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      My mother also had a lot of problems years ago and her dr. just kept treating her for bladder infections but she continued to have chronic bladder pain. I will bet anything that she also had IC.


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        Yes some doctors do suspect hereditary and others believe utis, gag layer breakdown by autoimmune so its hard to say. I wish there was a cure or a treatment that would put everyone in remmission forever.
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          I believe it is also. I remember my mom always saying "I have the bladder of a 6 yr old". She was always going to the bathroom and she said she was always full. She died in 1996. I bet it it what caused all her bladder issues and she didn't (or the drs) even know it.
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            I suspect that in some cases it can be. However, I have dozens of cousins and so far nobody else in my family has IC.

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              My mom has a mild to moderate case of IC, but meds don't help her. I've had it for twelve years and have responded very well to Elmiron, Amytripilene and Oxytrol Patch...until now. Am in the worst and longest flare ever, three months. Praying it will be over soon..


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                to chhhb have you ever had dmso cocktails? you need to talk to your uro three months is to long.
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                  Yes, I had a couple of DMSO instills right after I was diagnosed and getting on Elmiron/amytripilene. The uro wanted to do those to help relieve my symptoms while we were waiting to see if I would eventually respond to the meds. I did, thank goodness! With this flare I've had eight instills of two different cocktails. They don't do DMSO instills anymore because DMSO has been found to be much more irritating to the bladder than the newer instills. I've seen some improvement with the last two, but I agree with you. Three months is too long. My uro did a cystoscopy a little over a month ago to make sure nothing else was going on in the bladder and it turned out fine. So, really, I don't know what else to do other than continue eating very bland food and getting a few more instills of Marcaine and another drug. I do have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a new urogynecologist who comes highly recommended. I hope if I'm still in this flare or whatever it is, that he'll be able to figure out a plan of treatment and get me stabilized. I really haven't had much of a life since this started in January.