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post hysterectomy and mini arc bladder surgery

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  • post hysterectomy and mini arc bladder surgery

    Okay, after many test, couple docs and lots of frustration, debate, waiting and goodness knows what else, 3 weeks ago I had a hysterectomy, anterior vaginal suspension and mini-arc bladder sling with the idea that it would help with my constant residual issue as well as uterine prolapse, cystocele and urethrocele. I am allergic to almost all anti-biotics and have to do IV or take antihistamine with the antibiotic unless the bug is susceptible to penicillin. I also have other multiple medication allergies and sensitivities. I immediately had extreme trouble peeing with high residuals which was said to be associated with an IC flair, did elmiron instills everyday and cathed my self just before bed to remove residuals (otherwise would have had to have an indwelling cath). I of course got an infection as a result of all the cathing.
    But 3 weeks out, I still can't feel my bladder any longer and while I do not leak, I can't "push" to make myself pee (I keep trying to find my bladder to make it work right but can't), I only seem to be able to pee when my bladder is painfully full and have a very weak stop and start stream. Although, I am still in pain even though I am not exactly sure where my bladder is. Last week I saw my uro (not the one who did the surgery, that was a urogynecologist), he prescribed Flomax, explaining that the bladder may be damaged or just not strong enough to overcome its new position. He believed that if the flomax worked, it would indicate that my bladder would recover and that I would only have to take it a short time. The second day of taking flomax I peed great, I was sooooo excited, and had no residual when doing treatment with only a teensie bit for the night cath. But am now back to where I was at now except I feel like I have to pee all the time, but can't and never feel like my bladder is empty.

    I don't like the way flomax makes me feel and want to quit taking it, but I do that so much, don't want to be a quitter again. There are so many meds I cannot take, I can't even take valium cause it gives me EXTREME headaches, or cymbalta because it turns me into an unresponsive zombie.

    Does anyone know how long should it take for the Flomax to work - should it have already helped (that one day) and then stopped?

    I am so darn sick of my feeling like crap, drugs and centering my life around peeing! I have so much other cruddy stuff going on as well and feel myself spiraling down...... I just want to sit here and cry, today is the worst for some reason.

    Any suggestions?

    diagnosed with IC 2004
    Do 2x weekly elmiron treatments
    take: aloe vera, quercetin w/bioflavonoids and bromelain, flax seed, stinging nettle, feverfew, beta carotene, calcium, DMV, b-complex, vit D, sea kelp, milk thistle, hydrocodone

    as needed - marshmallow root, uva ursi, d-mannose, homeopathic chamomile and belladonna.

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    I had the same surgery as you (8 yrs ago) and remember having a hard time feeling my bladder. It was as if it was not there until it was full, then of course getting to a bathroom was emergent and the achy feeling would start. This lasted a good 2-3 months post-op. One day everything started to feel "normal" again. I remember going to the Dr several times during recovery complaining of the issue only to find the Dr getting aggravated with me (left him once discharged post-op) and telling me "things will heal".
    I guess the only thing you can do is give yourself some more time to heal. Three weeks is only the halfway mark in the typical healing time frame (generally 6 weeks). Some people take a bit longer. Theres still alot of swelling thats happening at the point youre at in recovery--perhaps that could be part of your issue with not being able to urinate properly. I think as long as you've been checked and reassured by your Dr that youre healing properly your body will eventually settle down and things will once again be normal.

    Wishing you well.
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      Thank you - it is good to know - my biggest problem is the fact that I have no point of comparison, where should I be healing wise, what should I be experiencing - I have never had surgery before, and was up and around just hours after my babies were born (at home). I am a terrible patient, have a terrible time letting others take care of me and am a normally active person - the first week after surgery was terrible and I feel like I should be all better even though everyone keeps telling me I need to take it easy. I have talked to others who had the surgery and some are also having residual issues and think it is no big deal to be on antibiotics all the time. I just want to scream, "Don't you know how terrible those are for you?" but just reply that I can't take them except under extreme circumstances... that is why I had the surgery. Most look at me like I am "off" when I say I can't feel my bladder and I have to admit, it does sound weird. I will give my self some more time and try to be patient and sincerely thank you for a point of comparison it really helps.