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Not sure if I have IC but freaked out

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  • Not sure if I have IC but freaked out

    Hi everyone,

    So I am new to this forum, and maybe to this sickness. In January of this year I got what I thought was a UTI. I have had them before but never with this severity. I got some amoxicillin prescribed for me, and I was on my merry way. No more infection.

    Earlier in April I woke up on the morning of a 3 day weekend getaway to find that I had UTI symptoms again. Being that I have been unemployed, this was supposed to be weekend to cheer me up. With my best friend in tow I decided that I would take some Azo, drink lots of water, and cranberry, see if I could find an urgent care doc on the trip to subscribe some antibiotics. I didn't find one and rushed home after the trip to see a doctor in my neighborhood. He prescribed me 3 days of Levaquin. I thought I would be OK.

    2 weeks later I am having the symptoms again. I go back to same doc, they give me 7 days of Levaquin. I still have symptoms. Went back again a few days ago. They tested my urine and put me on amoxicillin. I got a call from the clinic doc that I do not have a UTI, and that I need to see a specialist. She said it could be IC, but wasn't sure.

    I live in Brooklyn, so there are a lot of doctors, but there are also a lot of people. The next available appointment I can get is May 24th. Until then I am sitting here freaking out that it's IC, or Cancer, or Ovarian Cysts, or all kinds of things. I am driving myself nuts.

    I dont know what to do? Should I try the IC diet and see if I can get some relief? Have any of you had an experience similar to this? Did you freak out until you saw a doctor? Also, have you ever heard of someone just having bladder inflammation after UTIs and antibiotic treatment, but it WASN'T IC? Just plain old irritation?

    My symptoms include a dull pressure on my pelvis, and a consistent urgency to go. Spicy foods really irritate my bladder, but coffee. OMG.. Coffee makes me want to rip my bladder out. I am trying to abstain from these foods starting today. I dunno I'm just scared to be diagnosed with this, or anything worse. I am really afraid this feeling in my bladder area will never go away..

    Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it!

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    I definitely would give the diet a try while waiting for the appointment. It's not fun having to wait, but that appointment will be here before you know it.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I know that youre scared, that is very understandable. For now try to relax as stress can make symptoms alot worse. If youre in pain, call the doctor and ask what you can take for that. Some people can take Motrin or Aleve, others find that they can make symptoms worse. The Azo may help with pain and urgency and the IC diet is a good idea until you see the doctor. I hope its not IC but if it is, there are treatments available and there is us for support
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