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    hi everyone!

    my name is paige, im 22, and was diagnosed with ic via cystoscopy mand i believe he used the water too.

    i started getting alot of uti's as a teen despite good hygene,etc., but the results at the dr's office slowly started turning into, "im sorry, i dont see any infection and do not know why you are experiencing this pain." cultures rendered nothing infectious either. i just began to think "okay i guess i just get uti's more easily than some people" and continued to live on for years.

    in november of 09 the constant pain started again. i had a real uti, but after it went away, i experienced pain all the time. my doctor didnt know what to do except shake his head so i found a new dr.

    in june,august, and september, december '10 i wound up in the emergency room screaming in pain like a 2 year old. it was so embaressing but i was in so much pain i couldnt help it. the first 3 were the result of a uti that seemed to grow incredibly intense within a matter of minutes. the last one seemed to just be extreme bladder irritation because i had been drinking the night before and didnt realize it was that big of a trigger.

    after my last hospital visit i decided enough was enough. i had an ultra sound done and they said my bladder looked fine from there. my dr put me on antibiotics for 3 months thinking maybe my bladder was low on defenses because of all the recent trauma. it didnt work.

    in march my urologist performed my cystoscopy and here i am today. i have alot of anxiety problems which im sure plays a large part in my body's issues so i decided to take charge in my mental health and seek therapy along side with medication. it has been going great but has not helped with the pain. in fact, my ic has been incredibly WORSE since my cystoscopy. i was even incontinent (small amounts) for about a week. ive been on elmiron for about a month and im not sure if i think it works yet.

    i was so down and in so much pain my boss asked if i wanted to take the week off and i accepted. since then, the leaks stopped, im well rested and ready to get back to work. im trying not to live like im dying. i know many of you out there are in much more painful situations than myself and i admire the courage you have =]

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    Maybe DMSO instill will work for you, thier are treatment options that do help. Also it is very important for you to stay on the IC diet. I wish you the best keep in touch and ask as many questions you want this is an excellent forum.
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      to the IC Network.

      It's good that you finally have a diagnosis. Elmiron can take six months or longer to become effective so don't give up on it for a while. Are you following an IC diet? If not, I suggest you begin today. Many ICers find that single step helps more than anything else.

      One important thing to remember is that for every individual posting that they are in pain, there are literally hundreds out there who have IC but don't spend time here because they feel good and are busy getting on with their lives. It may take a while to find which treatment options work best for you and which foods and drinks are a problem, but most of us do get there --- and most of us feel good most of the time.

      Sending encouraging hugs,
      Stay safe

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