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  • I'm just looking for some inspiration

    Hi there,

    My name is Lori. I’m not a newbie but I am. I was diagnosed with IC 5 years ago in April, when I was diagnosed I was on this website religiously but then I got better and I grew away from it. I am back on now due to my IC coming back to greet me full on and I am hoping for some words of encouragement. When I was diagnosed I started taking Elmiron, Citalopram, and some Pyridium, when needed. I followed the diet faithfully and took 6 weeks off work. When I was diagnosed they explored my bladder and did the expanding of the bladder and it put me in a 1 month tailspin. I went back to work and it took about 6 mths but then after that I forgot I even had IC. I would say for almost a year now it has been slowly creeping up on me but I didn’t notice with a busy life and 2 kids and well now I am in a full blown flare. To be completely honest I haven’t followed my IC diet at all for about 3 yrs. I didn’t eat a lot of acid foods but I wasn’t concerned about BBQ sauce on my steak, or 3 cups of regular coffee a day either so yes I know I have myself to blame. I have been back to the doctor and he now has me on Elmiron still, Imiprimine, Hydroxyzine, and they have ordered me Pyridium. I have been following the IC diet strictly since Sunday May 1, 2011. The frequency and urgency has calmed down a little but I’m still experiencing burning down below bigtime and the frequency is still rather bad. I am seeing spots of blood when I wipe, can your bladder cause this? I was just at the Gyno in November and he did a Thermal Ablasion due to really bad periods. It mellowed down my periods but they are still coming. I have had menstrual breakthrough bleeding for years so I am pretty sure the bleeding isn’t coming from my bladder because it goes away right after I ovulate. This flare started the day I got my period and has let up abit but still burning and frequency and urgency. Can anyone tell me if they have had a flare after 5 yrs of being healthy and if so will it go away if I behave and how long will it take before I feel human. I am so afraid that my bladder is not going to heal. I have been on Elmiron the entire time, why would the walls of my bladder break down again?

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    Hi Lori, Im kind of going through this right now myself. I was diagnosed in 1997 by hydrodistention and cystoscopy. That put me in remission with just very mild flares until 2006, I was put on Elmiron then and was symptom free until 2007, was put on hydroxizine and was symptom free until about a month ago. Like you, I wasnt being real careful of what I ate and I had cut back on my meds to only one a day of each. I think my flare that Im currently having has to do with hormones. Im 49 and premenopausel. I am starting to feel better now after going back on the IC diet and full meds. Im also taking Glucosamine, chondroiten, MSM and quercetin. I went to the uro today and he started me on Elavil too. Im hoping we both start to feel alot better soon
    Diagnosed with IC in 1997. Currently taking Elmiron, Hydroxizine, Aleve, Ditropan, Glucosamine, Chondroiten, MSM Quercitin, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Co-Q 10. Also working on bladder retraining

    “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”~ Philipus Aureolus Parcelcus


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      More than likely if you get back on the same routine you were on with the first flare you have a good chance of remission again. If not your uro may have to try a new kind of treatment for you. I wish you well real soon.
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        Thank you.

        Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I sure hope I begin to feel better soon. I remember last time i was at this phase I never thought it would ever end. We are going to get through this.