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  • Intereseting story!

    So I went to the Doctor yesterday to talk about instills! And while there a husband and wife both there have IC! They said they think there IC came from a chemical they used to spray their trees on there Land! Of course the doctors say this is highly unlikely but I can't get there story out of my head! What are the odds that a husband and wife both get IC in a matters of months apart while previously having not symptoms! There has to bee a connection of something they both either ingested, inhaled, or a virus or something I mean what are the odds. I wish the Medical system would do so much more on trying to figure out what is causing this or a connection to us all so we can prevent this form happeing to others and hopefully find a cure!

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    That IS interesting. Since I never had any history of bladder issues whatsoever before getting IC, my doctors kept quizzing me on ANYTHING I could think of that I'd been exposed to, eaten, done, etc. The only thing that I could ever come up with was that I'd been using the take-home whitening trays for my teeth that I got from the dentist. Of course, they say that it's safe if you swallow some of that gel but I can't help but wonder if the chemicals somehow aggravated my bladder. It was two weeks into the process when my bladder issues started. The doctors and the dentist all say that it's purely coincidental and it probably is. The timing is weird though and I'm always going to wonder if that COULD have been the trigger.
    Diagnosed with IC in April 2011. Medications and IC treatments did not help, diagnosed with PFD in September of 2013. Still searching for answers as to why I have never-ending frequency/urgency issues.

    Current medications/treatments:
    Pelvic physical therapy, valium suppositories, b and o suppositories, acupuncture, probiotics, magnesium, epsom salt baths

    Previous medications/treatments:
    Elmiron, Hydroxizine, Elavil, VESIcare, Series of rescue instillations using Elmiron, water, lidocaine, & sodium bicarb and self-cathing with instills as needed, D-mannose, Glucosamine, Hyophen (generic Prosed), Colostrum, IC diet, PTNS, chiropractic treatments, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, CystoProtek


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      It makes you wonder how many different causes of IC there really are. There are so many toxins out there in our environment now and not much to my knowledge has been done on researching the effects on our urinary system. I wonder too about how many people 50 or 75 years ago actually developed bladder problems in proportion to how many do today.


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        Wow Husband & Wife. I have never heard of this before. I would hope some research is done on this couple. Twenty years ago a sweet slightly disabled lady was placed in my home by the State. She had been abused when she started going to the bathroom 30+ times per day. She was locked in the bathroom. I did not know about IC but got her depends because she was having accidents that made her cry. What a difference that made. I gave her true love, care and understanding. I think she was a Angel sent from GOD. She taught me so very much. Love, patiecence, humor and so much more. I received the best part of that experience. All her Doctor would say was that it was her nerves. Hogwash. I guess that is what happened 50+ years ago. Whoever locked her in the bathroom deserved to go to jail. She stayed with me many years and ha ha she out-lived them all. Hugs, Ziggy


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          I have had multiple chemical sensitivity for many years which I believe was triggered by over exposure to pesticide. I used to swim in a river that I believe was poisoned with agricultural run off. Also living in FL we always had the mosquito control trucks go by often when I was on a walk so I would get sprayed. I am sensitive to cologne and some cleaning products as well as pesticides. All trigger asthma. I have eczema as well. I believe that we all are exposed to too many chemicals in all of our personal care products and our food. Is it any wonder that our bodies rebel?