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Need help from others with IC medication sensitivites

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  • Need help from others with IC medication sensitivites

    I was diagnosed 12/06. I have been really doing well with my IC since. My problem now is Endometriosis in R ovary. I had the L removed 3 years ago for same reason. I tried birth control pills and couldn't take them. They made me very sick. My Gyno has put me on Depro Prevera injections. An hour after receiving my bladder flared and lasted 4 days. I still has mild pain and it has been 2 weeks since injection. Has anyone else had a problem with this injection? I talked to Uro. office and they can't tell me if it is cause of my problem. I'm very sensitive to medications and can't take many antibiotics because they cause me to flare. Help anyone?????

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    I didn't get the shot when I had IC but the shot messed me up. I have never been the same. I know there is people on here who have had the shot while they had IC. I got depo in 04 about 2 years before my IC began. I have suffered irrecoverable damage from the depo.
    Diagnosis: IC '09, vulvodynia '10, fructose intolerance '06, GERD '06, fibromyalgia '09, IBS '10 and TMJ '09, PCOS '11, genital herpes '12

    Current Meds: Butrans patch, welbutrin, lamictol, geodon, xanax, aldactone, linzess, topimax, trazadone and diflucan as needed.

    Meds tried before: Elmiron, elavil, antibiotics, welbutrin, cymbalta, prozac, nerve blocks, instills, nyastatin, flexerol, percocet, naproxen (which was what I was given for pain for years).