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    Okay, so my story starts about a year ago. I got my first urinary tract infection when I was 16, about a year ago around april. I am now 17. I was put on antibiotics and symptoms went away and I was totally fine. Then in august I had symptoms like I did before so I figured it was just a urinary tract infection so I went to the doctor, they put me on medication, it went away, but the culture they had grown came back negative for a uti. They tested me for every std in the book and it all came out negative. Ever since last september I have had frequent on and off phases of discomfort, pain, and irritation type feeling on my urethra. It feels like I need to push something out and at its worse the feeling is unbarable.

    The feeling will be gone for two weeks, three weeks, then all of the sudden after going to the bathroom will come back and disappear within an hour or two. It also can occur every day for a week at a time. It is the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever experienced.

    With such random occurences and with nothing seeming to start this I'm not sure what I have.

    This past monday I was laying around having a normal day when I started having those small feelings like I do so I figured it wasn't a big deal and that it would go away. But within an hour it started to hurt so bad that it brought me to tears and I figured I had just another urinary tract infection. Blood in the urine, stinging, burning, all of the uti symptoms. I went to the doctor the same day, gave a urine sample which was dark and contained blood and she was pretty sure it was another uti. I was put on antibiotics, and the symptoms went away mostly that night. Yesterday, Tuesday, I was feeling really good until dinner when I started to feel the major discomfort after I use the restroom then it went away. This morning until about 11 I was doing good. I then used the restroom and it burned a little but as soon as I went I got the very uncomfortable feeling that I couldn't stand. I left school and was in tears because of how horrible it was. However, three hours later and I am doing pretty well.

    I have yet to make an appointment with a urologist but I am planning on doing this sometime within the next few days. Does this sound like something anyone might have? I have spent a countless number of hours on the internet doing research and ic is the only thing I can think of.

    If anyone has any feedback it would be much appreciated. I can't stand living like this anymore.

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    It sounds like a good idea to see a urologist. My symptoms were very similar to yours only without the blood. They would always come and go. I know the feeling of "needing to push something out." The sooner you see a uro the sooner you may get relief with medication and obtain testing to rule out other things. Check the IC diet here on the website. While waiting for a uro appt. you may find that stopping some of the unfriendly bladder food and drinks may help some of your symptoms.


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      Thank you so much for your help. Ya I have only had blood when I get an uti, the other times when I get the feeling theres no blood. Again thank you!


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        Good luck to you. I know these symptoms can be so frightening and upsetting. I think everyone here on this forum has been in your shoes at one time.


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          I have to agree that seeing a urologist is a good idea.

          Stay safe

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