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New to forum, old to ic...adventures with sacral nerve

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  • New to forum, old to ic...adventures with sacral nerve

    Im 29. I have been diagnosed with IC for 6 years now. Ive tried a plethora of diets, medications and recently had the Interstim implanted in December. I am starting to have issues with it and the doctor who installed it. I am excited about the clinical guidelines defined for treatments of IC that was updated this year by the AUA. Good luck to each of you here....
    IC for 6+ years now. 29 years old. Biological mother of one, step mother to three. Artist. *Medical history: Four miscarriages, total hysterectomy at age 27. Endometriosis, pelvic congestion syndrome,gasteoparesis, lower extremity neurological issues (waiting diagnosis), frequent kidney stones, anemia, plantar fascitis, restless leg syndrome, underweight. *Currently taking: Neurontin, Zoloft, Zofran, Bentyl, Requip, Vicoden, and Otc sleep aids.