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    Hi everyone - not sure that I have IC per se or if I do, its not really anything that is a HUGE or bothering me THAT much - seems to come and go. I have a question though - I just started taking vitamins again (CoQ10, B12, B6 and fish oil) and have a burning sensation - perhaps in the vulva area - can anyone tell me if this might be vitamin related? If so - what is doing it out of the above???

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    Yes, it could be vitamin related. You might want to back off and start taking them one at a time so you will know if any are a problem.

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      Thank you for responding. It's a strange burning sensation - urethra maybe? I have no idea but I was just curious if anyone else had these issues? I know I have no STD's and its not a yeast infection (sorry for TMI) so that would be the only 'new' thing but wonder why these vitamins would aggrivate my body? Are they acidic or something?


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        I agree with Donna about testing each one.

        From anecdotal experiences (friends, family, myself) Vitamin B can upset people even without IC/PBD. I have no clue why that is, but some people have a strange reaction to it when taken in capsule/pill form. If that's causing the problem, adjusting your diet to include more Vitamin B-rich foods should do the trick.
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          The B vitamins and also Vitamin C are very harsh on the bladder. Some Bs are more harsh than others, you might check with IC Jill on which ones. I was able to take fish oil with no problem. The CoQ10 I think I stopped because it seemed to hurt my bladder. That doesn't mean it's the culprit for you, we are all different. However, Vitamin C and the Bs are notorious for being problems. C is acidic for sure, (ascorbic acid), and I think that's the reason for the Bs also? I can tolerate my monthly B12 shot now, although when I first started, I could feel when it hit my bladder. I don't know why it changed, but I'm glad because I was very deficient in B12.