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  • Only Urethral?

    Hello Everyone,

    I do hope that this time I have found thge right wat to post a message. I was on something that limited me to 1,000 characters and I finally was able to post it but I have no idea where the other one

    I am writing to hopefully hear from someone who experinces urethral pain, (intense sensation?) only. I come here to read often but find people who suffer from intense abdominal pain when in a flare and very little about urethral IC.

    I haver been on Elavil for about 3 months now. It has helped greatly in reducing my symptoms. I was to take 10mgs each evening going to 2 tabs if needed. With my symptoms always being in the daytime, I opted fro one tab at night and one in the morning. In fact, they typically start in the day about an hour after I awake and isually by the evening meal or so the symptoms are gone. When I am in a 'flare' the symptoms are more persistent and I take a dose of Pyridium. Often times that is all I need but if it persists I take another dose of pyridium the next day and that takes care of it,

    I return to my Uro on June 8th. When he started the Elavil he mentioned Elmiron so I feel he may want to go that route as of this visit and may up my Elavil dose. As for the Elmiron, it seems the track record is not that good and I can't help but wonder if it is worth the time, cost, and possible side effects seeing my symtoms do not involve my bladder but just the urethra. I might add that the most intense feeling is at the mouth of the urethra. When in 'flare', it will seem to travel the length of the urethra. There is no pain when urinating or when the flow stops. Urinating eases the sensation for a bit, but the sensation returns within about 15 minutes. Also, the oddity of most days being able to predict how long the sensation will last.

    Would really enjoy hearing from anyone but mostly from someone who also has just urethral symptoms. I am on medication for panic/anxiety disorder, (the family curse!), verapamil for supraventicular tachycardia, zetia for cholesterol, and the Elavil. I am an ex-smoker and use Spiriva inhalations once a day for lung support. Could any of these meds be part of the problem. My uro doc knows what I take and he has not said anything.

    His office is 35 miles from where I live so I would like to cover as much as I possibly can in one visit. Any advice is most welcome.

    Thanks to everyone!!