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  • marg

    I am Australian and have had IC for a number of years now and as we all do have tried everything available to reduce the IC experiances. I have visited many Docs, Naturopaths, herbalist,Dietitians, Elmiron etc to no avail. Recently I was in hospital for a non related illness and was given a neurological drug called LYRICA (PREGABALIN) 75mg twice daily (this is a A PAIN BLOCKER ). These did nothing for the reason I was taking them BUT it was EXCELLENT FOR THE IC PAIN and I can even hold my bladder a little longer, of course I am still on the IC diet of eliminating certain foods. I am not saying this is a cure but this is helping me and may help others. Maybe research needs to look outside the square and not only concentrate on the bladder but also the brain and I am told our immune system could be connected. Who knows speak to your doctors and give it a try anything that helps is a step to relief and a normal existance. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE AS IT IS HELPING ME.
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