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  • Diagnosed 5 years ago

    I started having problems spring of 2006 while still in the Navy. Went to Navy docs and they treated me for UTI's, yeast infections and even herpes, but I had none of those as the meds didn't work and I knew there was no way I had herpes. I ended up being discharged from the Navy in August 2006 with no answers. Went to an OB/GYN as the Navy docs thought I might have Endometriosis. The OB/GYN knew immediately what I had and put me on Elavil. That brought me pretty much 100% relief in a matter of a week or two. The pain was gone and I wan't peeing as often. I ended up moving back home and found that I was cruising along pretty good, but having very minor frequency. My family doc sent me to a Urologist that I've been seing for about 4 years now and I am very pleased with how they've been treating me. About 4 years ago, I was put on Detrol and did great until this past fall. Since about October, I have been taking off Detrol and put on the extended release 10MG Ditropan and Hydroxyzine. I then had a Cysto/Hydro back in April. Stupid me, I never asked about how it looked in there. My Mom was there for it and said that the Uro said everything looked good and that I'd be fine. Not really sure what that means. I guess since they didn't tell me that I don't have IC, they tells me that I do. Anyway, over the years since being diagnosed, I haven't dated or had any kind of sexual contact. I am afraid that sex could throw me into a flare that would just suck. I have been having some flaring for about a week now and have to go in for my yearly check-up with the family doc tomorrow. I am going to ask him some questions about IC and PCOS since I have both and am wondering if they are somehow connected. I don't want to pursue DMSO treatments as I have read a lot of horror stories and don't have a day or two to take off to recover since I am in farming and farmers just don't get days off. I started taking Colostrum a few days ago and am praying that that helps.

    Current Meds:
    Hydroxyzine at bedtime
    Elavil 4 times a day
    Ditropan twice a day
    aloe vera gel tabs twice a day
    cranberry in the morning
    cystoprotek twice a day
    colostrum in the morning

    don't drink coffee, tea, alcohol, fruit juices, or colas. Water and chamomile are pretty boring, but I'm getting used to it. Drink A&W root beer.