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  • Surgery

    Well I had my prolapse bladder surgery Saturday.

    The first few days were bad but, I am healing really well under the circumstances.

    I think the rectocele repair was worse and the nerve damage on my elbow.

    The causes of the bladder problems are numerous for example:

    1. Straining
    2. Child Birth
    3. Age
    4. Overweight
    5. Hysterectomy
    6. Previous Surgery
    7. Genetics

    The nerve damage and bone spurs though I no are caused from my fall last year.

    I still have quite a few surgerys for that, I believe if I had more help or a walker I would not have fallen.

    However, the damage is done and I just have to keep my spirits up and go on.

    I enjoy be able to talk to people who understand and listen.

    I also, hope that on occasion I give my advice or opinion that help people.

    God Bless each and everyone on this forum, I am so glad that you found this site; you're not alone.
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    I decided I would let you know that I did read it. Of course, I was not aware you were going to be having that surgery. Also, I don't know where you fell or what you were doing right before it. Of course, I just said that because I walk with a cane often. Oh! I still fall sometimes. Yep! I deal with degenerative disc disease, which may have something to do with the falls. Regardless, the local neurologist has done the nerve damage test and the one to check for seizures, which I knew I was not having, and so forth.(all good) OK. The psychiatrist was saying yesterday that he went to school however many years and has been in practice however many years and really believes a reason will be found for my falling, which is not everyday, or that I will suddenly get to where I stop falling.(although he did say falling can happen to anybody with or without medical conditions) (although he did not mean multiple episodes then) Oh! I have read posts from other people with DDD that have fallen, too. OK. I may be straying, but it is still good you are healing well. We do have to try to keep our spirits up even though I know I have found than can be hard to do on some days. (like currently)(been up 1 hour now and still feel like I could have slept some more) Oh, well! ....much love to you


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      I'm glad the surgery went well; hope you continue to improve.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Thank you for taking the time to post. Glad to hear that you are healing. Please continue to put one foot in front of the other and have the best day you possibly can.

        Praying for cure


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          My fall I had was last year in June or July.

          I found out that I had IC in May;the pain I felt was excruiting.

          The Uro I had was awful, refused to give me pain pills.

          I got real weak from lack of sleep and food. I got so little help at home and could'nt take care of myself.

          I constantly bumped into doors and walls from being so weak.

          One of the many trips to the bathroom I tripped on a blanket and fell straight on my back, it hurt real bad.

          The next day my end fingers were numb and my body hurt all over..

          It took a long time to find out all the damage's I got from that fall.

          The doctors have not ex-rayed my left shoulder but, I more than likely have damage there too.

          I have a few more surgery's to I just try to do the best I can.

          I am blessed there are people alot worse off than me, all we can do is pray and help others.

          Linda May
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            Sending you good wishes for a complete recovery.