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    If indeed you have PFD only and not IC then the standard treatments and self help strategies just for IC may not help a whole lot. Has your dr. recommended anything for the PFD like vaginal valium, sitz baths with epsom salts, pelvic floor stretches, muscle relaxers, ice, or medications for nerve irritation? I had pelvic floor spasms and at the time I swore it was the bladder only but once I got the pelvic floor calmed down that presses on all the nerves in the area it made a big difference with the burning feeling in my urethra and bladder. I actually had both PBS and pelvic floor problems but no one really knew which one came first so I ended up treating both. I was also in pt for pelvic floor therapy and I found that sometimes the therapy irritated my urethra and bladder. I limited my sessions to once a week and even cut some of them down to 30 minutes only.


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      Sorry about the delayed response. I'm back again. My pain died down a few months ago, thank god. Everything was fine and dandy until a guy I'm seeing fingered me a few days ago, and now the pain is back in full-force. I've been taking AZO, which helps a little bit for a few hours, but other than that I'm in excruciating pain. I emailed my physical therapist, and she hasn't responded. I don't know what else to do.

      I hate this. Any time anything more than a tampon goes into my vagina, I am in pain for weeks on end afterwards. I wish there was some sort of drug I could take the day after manual sex (or real sex, though I'm way too scared to try that again) to just prevent the pain from even starting. Is there such a drug that I can talk to a doctor about?

      My primary physician is terrible. She told me I was allergic to condoms. Which is probably the stupidest thing ever because a) I'm not and b) I get this pain from being fingered, when no condom is involved. She is clueless and I don't think she knows about any drugs for this sort of thing. And Dr. Payne is on sebbatical I think, plus he wasn't really that helpful anyway.

      What can I do? I want to make the pain go away ASAP and I want to prevent it from happening in the future. Please, please, help. I've been so depressed for these past few days because of this.