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Hello to you all :-)

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  • Hello to you all :-)

    Hi everyone,
    I am so happy to have found such an insightful place where I can share my problems with you all and read your stories.

    Since I was a little girl I have always suffered bladder problems, I often had bladder infections and inflammation and also bowel problems. As I got older I knew this was not normal and once I became a teenager I was back and forth to the doctors because of my bladder pain. All I was ever offered was medication or trips to the GU clinic and urine tests, These always came back clear so it left me confused and frustrated.

    I have being doing much research on the internet lately and I originally suspected Endometriosis but after reading up about IC I connect with it more.
    My symptoms include -

    Extreme tiredness
    Too much urinating sometimes I unrinate 5 minutes after the first time!
    Reocurrent bladder infections
    Agonising lower back pain (so bad sometimes that my fiance has to help me out of bed seems to relieve a lot after urinating)
    Painful weak bladder after intercourse
    Painful weak bladder after bowel movements
    Excessive vaginal discharge clear and yellowish but changes to a milky appearance sometimes
    Stabbing pains in my pelvic area on both sides
    Pain when pressing above my pubic bone
    Pain during ovulation and at the time of my period but it is generally always hurting me anyway.
    My urine can look orange and cloudy sometimes

    I have had the same faithful relationship with my fiance for 15 years so there is no chance of any std's and these problems were happening before I was sexually active. When I was pregnant the pain got worse for me and I had trouble walking as my right pelvis was in so much pain and I never stopped urinating.

    On top of all these problems I feel so tired often and I am suffering with horrible pains in the left side of my neck under my chin and jaw (I have wrote about them in the dry eyes/ mouth section) I also suffer anxiety and a lot of allergies. I have 2 children and my daughter whi is 13 years old has possible autism/learning disabilities which we are currently under diagnosis for and I home tutor her due to the bullying she was getting at school because of her being "different" and my son who is 5 years old is hyperactive so it's hard exhausting work, I get tons of support and love from my fiance, without him I would not be able to cope!

    I have not being diagnosed with IC yet but I am certain that I am suffereing it and I will be getting to the doctors about this after I have had my neck problems looked at, I am just so worried!

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    I'm not qualified to even guess at what's going on with you. You really need to see your doctor. I hope you get some answers quickly. Not knowing is the worst time.

    Stay safe

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      ICNDonna, It has been a long and frustrating struggle for me so I hope to find out soon, I am 100% certain it is IC though but I need the diagnosis for reassurance.


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        Diagnoses lets you mentally deal with it and to move on to what will help.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.