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No quality of life please help

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  • ICNDonna
    If you go to you can find out what the various drugs are called in Australia.


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  • Nicole23
    started a topic No quality of life please help

    No quality of life please help

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    Please help!!!
    Im 23 and have had ic for 4 years now. I have tried everything offered from having my bladder stretched, DMSO, ditropan, endep, gabapentin and recently took part in a Botox study. The Botox worked and I was symptom free for 8 months until it wore off. I have had it a total of 3 times with great results. However The last three weeks I feel a stinging feeling in my urethra and it constantly feels like I'm about to wee or leak. I refuse to leave the house as I'm terrified of the consequences. I have read on here that hydroxyzine vistaril and atarax has provide people with relief from my symptoms. I asked the doctor and pharmacist in Australia where I live and neither of them have heard of it. Does anyone know another name that is used in Australia or something similar? Please Im getting desperate