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Just Diagnosed, need so much info!

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  • ICNDonna
    If you need to apply for Social Security disability, listing the nephritis will help move it along. People do get approved for IC alone, but those with more than one diagnosis seem to be approved quicker.


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  • Sharon D
    started a topic Just Diagnosed, need so much info!

    Just Diagnosed, need so much info!

    Hi Everyone,
    I have just been diagnosed with IC, I aslo have chronic Pyclonephritis, for 23years. This site has already helped me to understand my new life. With Chronic Pyclonephritis I am in some level of pain every day and now IC. Left kindey is down to 28%. Do you know how the IC meds work with low kindey fuctions?
    After reading some posts I 've learned some Dr's do not support IC, Do they think it's just in our heads? I guess I was lucky by already going to a Urologist. I was being treated for UTI linked to my CP. The UTI would not go away for maybe the last eight months. IC was something I nor my urologist was expecting to find. I have used almost five weeks of vacation time this year due to the pain. I'm not having any relief from the diet. I'm 54 I think I'm very near the point of not being able to work and I'm so afaid. Do anyone know the social security office views on IC? Do you get turned down? I am single and live alone.I just do not know what to do next. Thanks you for sharing any info you have. Best wishes to you.