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  • Having testing for IC -

    Hi, My name is Mona and I think I have IC. I have been having intermitten bladder pain and cramping for about 3 months - ruling out infection and female issues with gynocologist. I have to wait 3 more weeks to get in with a uro who does treat ic.
    I don't have much frequency - just pain... I no longer have the urge to pee - rather feel pressure. It feels like my bladder is pumped full of air and I feel my heart beat in my bladder...usually when I lay down at night. The pain is intermitten - somewhat crampy and sharp and then sometimes I don't have it at all...does this make sense to anyone? I'm feeling scared and depressed about this and hope that something helps. Advil makes it worse.
    Looking forward to the uro appt hoping for a diagnosis and treatment...I don't like taking meds so hoping for an alternative fix.
    I am a bit overwhelmed and scared at some of the postings - it seems this may be a condition that will be painful all of my life and I will be on meds forever? Are there mild cases of IC? Can you work and live a normal life and manage the pain? So glad this network is out here.


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    Hi, I'm new here too so I don't have much advice, but I do hope that things work out for you and that you can find alternative treatments that work for you. I'm researching that as well right now. Good luck on your journey!