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  • introducing myself

    Hi my name is Stacey, Im not sure if have IC, I have not had a proper diagnoses. I have had bladder pain and urethra pain for about 4 yrs now. I am pregnant right now so I am always in discomfort. I went to the dr when all this started because I thought i had a UTI, the Dr tested my urine and it came back positive for infection so I took antibiotics, the pain did not stop so I went back to the dr, they tested my urine again and the infection was gone so they did STD tests which of course all came back negative. So they never found out what was wrong with me. At the time I was a struggling single mom so I couldnt afford to go to the Dr anymore so I dealt with it. I got married, and I got pregnant with my second child and I was still having major problems and the Dr.s treated me like I was faking the pain. My OBGYN at the time gave me everything from yeast infection meds (even when she herself said there was no yeast infection) she gave me patches for bladder spasms which didnt work. But she still treated me badly as if I was faking the pain, and everytime she would give me medicine it was as if she was trying to get me to shut up about my discomfort. I had my second child almost 2 yrs ago and I have had this same pain that will come and go, certain things I drink will cause it to go crazy and I cant eat or drink acidic things. from aug to dec of 2010 I have had several terrible kidney infections also... (still dont know whats up with that). Im now 27 wks pregnant with my 3rd baby and I have almost given up on getting any diagnoses. No Dr wants to help me. Even my OBGYN now, shes not rude, she just wont go any farther to try and diagnose me.... Last yr I was having horrible bladder pain with no infection, and again no diagnoses, so I started doing research on all of my symptoms and they match the same symptoms as Interstitial Cystitis. I just wish I could at least have a diagnoses it would help me deal with this a little better. Theres nothing that helps me other than taking AZO and drinking water and staying away from caffienated drinks and drinks like OJ and lemonade, Lots of times the AZO dooesnt even make the pain stop all the way. I have even stayed comepletely away from everything that makes this stuff act up and still had dicomfort and burning at times. I get so tired of drinking water all the time, since Im pregant and I have cravings. Ok sorry for writting so much, Nice to meet everybody. Maybe somebody can help me out and give me some tips on helping me deal with this a little easier.
    Stacey Cash

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    You mention cravings? Are you on the IC diet you might want to start with that and hopefully someone who is pregnant on this forum will help you out better than me.
    IC diagnosis 3 weeks ago.
    Vesicare 10 mg once daily
    IBS and Gerd-Zegerid
    IC diet
    Elmiron 100 mg three daily
    Hydroxyzine 25 mg at night
    Amitriptyline 10mg at night
    Diovan 60/12.5 daily
    Topral 50 mg daily
    Zoloft 100 mg at night
    Klonopin .5 twice daily


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      no diagnosis yet?

      The IC -network tells the whole story. Just read and compare. Then take the info. to your DR. PCP or OBgyn. Probably need to see a urologist for a diagnosis, but be sure your Dr. knows about your symtoms that are similiar to IC. pts. I
      I'm finding out the hard way that often when I stray from the IC. diet that's when I have problems. That's to say they worsen.
      It's typical to have all the UTI symtoms yet, without the bacteria....
      May God Bless,.
      I know this is very stressful.


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        I agree find a good URO and ask him about IC and tell him of your symtoms.

        There are several treatment plans, I have had DMSO treatments and they have helped enormously.

        Stay on the IC diet the URO can do a test on you that can determine if you have IC its called a cystro/hydro.

        This precedure is done in the hospital and they will have you sedated.

        Afterwards they will have a good pic of your bladder and you will see for yourself if its IC.

        I wish you the best try to go on line and look under UROs in your area, alot times there will be a rating chart.

        Make sure you find a good URO my first one was a nighmare, and I would hate to see you go through what I did with a monster like I had.
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          Hi all,
          Me joining newly here at the forum, Wanna say HI to all of the forum members and also want to have some friends here to have some chit chat with them and have some discussion about some topics.... Hoping that I have nice time here at the forum...
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            thanks so much for advice, i will look up the IC diet right now, and try and see if my dr will refer me to a urologist
            Stacey Cash


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              Unfortunately my ic came back with a vengeance during my third trimester. My ob was able to prescribe some mess to help relieve the symptoms. I know that I was very anxious and nervous to take any medication but I was literally crying and sleepless for days in end. My doc said all the stress is not goid for the baby either. I took vistaril and vicodin as needed. My baby is healthy 4 month old weighing 16 pounds. Best of luck to you. I know there is not alot of info out there.