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Back after 4 years :(

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  • needsrelief
    I have heard that some people's IC feels worst after natural birth and some feel better. The same with the C-sections. IC is so weird and unpredictable. I hope that you feel better soon and go back into remission. I dont know if you breastfeed but there are some who find breast feeding helping them with the IC and some find it worsens it. Maybe u should make an appt with your uro he/she may have better answers for you-good luck

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  • mama-gigi
    started a topic Back after 4 years :(

    Back after 4 years :(

    I am new to the website. I was first diagnosed in 2004 as a 27 single mother. After two years of installation treatments, dietary changes allergy meds and weight loss I was lucky and grateful to find myself in remission. Unfortunately the trigger this time was being pregnant with my daughter who is now 4 months old. I have been in immense pain since December and still flaring at this time. I am back to cocktail instillations (lidocaine heparin) pain and allergy meds. Still not feeling the greatest. Trying to lose the baby weight quickly as I feel weight loss and diet was what worked for me before. Any similar stories about weight gain, pregnancy and IC?