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    I wasnt sure where to post this so I'll share it here. I've been at my job since Jan. 2011 and diagnosed IC since Jan. 2011. Since then, I've missed time because of IC. The oral medications such as vesicare failed me because my mouth gets dry. Pyridium isnt strong enough sometimes too. Most recently, I had the worse flare up yet on the 4th of July weekend. I went to the ER in the 3rd and the doctor on the 5th who wrote me out for two days. I returned to work with a written warning, no holiday pay and probation. It's discouraging because I love my job and I want to do my best. I'm also 26 so it feels like I'm being defeated.

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    I so understand how you feel. This disease is baffling. I have missed so much time from work these last 18 months. However, I am encouraged in my relationship with God. I am believing for a miracle not just for me but for all of us. Also, I see a counselor bi-weekly and try my best to stick to the IC diet.

    Some days are better than others. On the better days, I bask in the light of love. On the not so better days, I have learned to treat myself extra well.

    I know that I have IC. In the past, I was stressed all the time because I worried about how I was perceived at work. Today, I am learning to do the best I can with the hand I have been dealt.

    Have the best day you possibly can.


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      If you work for a fairly large firm, you can apply for family leave. That way if you need time for doctor's visits or are too ill to work, there is some leeway. I suggest you look into that. I believe the line is drawn at fifty employees --- and places with that many working do have to follow Americans With Disabilities guidelines.

      Stay safe

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        Unfortunately I had to be employed for 12 months to qualify for fmla. I have until December to get no unexcused absences and all my doctors appointments are unpaid. I average about 3 per month but possible more because my primary thinks I also have endometriosis.. I live with my bf who is currently unemployed so until he gets a job, I'm struggling to pay copays