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No Gloms but Sure I have IC

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    My name is Kayla and I've recently just been diagnosed after a long battle much like yours!
    I was accused of being pregnant and having multiple STI's (I've only just turned 18 so you can imagine my parents shock!) which was complete rubbish! So after my uro removed his head from his backside and decided to help i had a cystoscopy with hydro under general and he found inflammation and a very small ulcer, however he said that the inflammation alone was enough to prove I had IC!
    You're more than likely right about your diagnosis and i feel for you that you aren't getting the help you need but i honestly know how you feel as my diagnosis was 4 months ago and they are still testing for other things instead of treating me!

    best wishes and I hope you get the help you deserve very soon!

    'Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.'