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Finally typing-have IC 3 years

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  • Finally typing-have IC 3 years

    Hello all,
    I am very thankful for this site to help with IC. When I think back at the diagnosis, I thought I couldn't get through it. I read everything I could-can't rely on Dr.'s for everything. Elmiron & Detrol LA helped-watching diet, although I can't say that I get flare ups from bad IC foods, so I think the meds are helping. I have lowered my dosage of Elmiron to once a day and now use Toviaz (insurance doesn't cover Detrol now) if my bladders gets shakey. Stress agitates my bladder. I also think that my IC has calmed down for a new problem arose and is taking over-Fibromyalgia (2 years) and today Lichen. I am continually reading of how to help myself-Dr'.s basically have given up and I survive on pain meds, but still count my blessings that I can do my basic life needs and not much more.Still very hard to face after being totally active w/no health problems (I'm 51). I hope/pray that you all have a better day that gives you the strength to research all you can. Taking it 1 hour at a time can ease things. When I look at a big picture it is overwhelming.

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    Thank you for taking the time to share. Inspite of your health issues, you stopped by to encourage others. Your post inspires me to continue to stay connected to this forum so that I can have the most up-to-date information.

    Stress is a huge factor for me. I have difficulties staying in the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

    Have the best day you possibly can. You are in my prayers