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Pyridium-Dry Eye Problems

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  • Pyridium-Dry Eye Problems

    I was initially diagnosed with IC on April 20 and immediately put on oxybutinin. This type of drug is similar to pyridium and dries up everything. It was truly awful. My eyes felt like they had sand in them and occasionally I would feel a sharp stabbing pain in one eye, particularly the right one. It also played havoc with my entire digestive tract. I begged to stop the meds and am now on OTC pyridium (the MD prescription was as bad as the oxybutinin).

    I have just learned from my ophthamologist that the stabbing pain is the sign of "moderate" dry eye. This sounds innocuous enough but can produce serious problems inside the eye unless treated. He was really angry at ME for not coming to him sooner and for using OTC drops for severe eye dryness. My URO never warned me of this problem. Now I am on a hideously expensive eyedrop called restasis (over $233 at Costco for just 2 weeks' worth). The restasis really worked however. It turns out I also couldn't see very well. When the drops were put in it was as though a veil had been lifted from my face.

    I know there aren't many people here on pyridium but wanted to warn them not to ignore dry eye symptoms or try to deal with them with OTC drops. The OTC drops are not good enough.

    I am currently checking to see whether the makers of restasis have some sort of poverty program which allows people to buy at a discount. Over $466 per month for eye drops!!! The pharmacist was embarrassed. I am considering breaking into the ophth's office and stealing somesample (just kidding).