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  • ICNDonna
    to the IC Network. It sounds like you have already found some things that are helping you to feel better. I hope that continues.

    Warm hugs,

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  • Bojana
    Hej, Marina!

    Welcome to the forums, but I am sorry to hear that you had to join our club.

    I am glad to hear that elavil works for you, this is really good
    I know how diet can be hard in the beginning. I have many food allergies, so my diet is even more strict than normal IC diet, it takes time to get used to it but the pay off is big. Just keep that in mind. Its hard to change in the beginning but on the long term, diet will help you and if not then you can always decide to go back to "normal" eating, just give it a try for few months and see how it goes for now.

    If elavil is working so good with u/f and pain then stick to it and just do that for now, you can always start with detrol and other things later.

    Having supporting family is always a big plus, so I am glad to hear that you have that as well

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  • Dentina
    started a topic Hello to all of you

    Hello to all of you

    Im 33 and live in a small country in Europe,and my English is not perfect.And Im very sorry to say-my bladder neither
    As far as I remember I was prone to UTIs in childhood,they were not happening very often,but were pure hell for me.Last one was 10 years ago,although not confirmed by culture it got cleared with AB.After that I only got strange feeling in my bladder from time to time ,it happened maybe once a month,but always lasted just hour or two.Never frequency,never urgency,never pain..One hot tea and it was gone.
    Three months ago I got a real UTI,which was first treated with cipro,then got back again,once more cipro and then culture was made which has shown E.coli not sensitive to it.Then i took the ABs that it was sensitive to,buth it didnt get better,E coli was gone,symptoms(urgency,frequency,pain)stayed.In -office cystoscopy was made that has shown changes in the epitel of the bladder,sort of wrong epittel has grown there.It was fulgurated and they told me -in a month you will be ok.Well im not .The more I read about IC,more sure Im that its what a have,although byopsy didnt confirm it.I got so deppresed and scared I ended going to psychiatrist( iI plan to continue the therapy)And to my great surprise Elavil he has given me(Amyzol here)has helped me big time.No more pain,no f/u just some spasms in my lower abdomen that are not painfull.
    My urologist said it may be OAB so he gave me Detrol,i didnt start using it cause Elavil is really helping.Im on a IC diet too.This IC thing is making me so miserable and sad,that I have decided to write here just for some words of wisdom and inspiration on how to find a strenght to cope with this.You all sound so strong and I admire you all.Im not a religious person and feel so alone and scared during this time,despite having husband whi is supportive and a lovely 5 y old daughter.i guess I need a reality check from someone who realy knows what am I fighting with..
    Best regards
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